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GPS and Geocaching in your classroom


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This is a presentation that I gave at MACUL 2011 about the integration of Geocaching in your classroom. It is also a basic overview of the sport.

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GPS and Geocaching in your classroom

  1. 1. Welcome! Please answer the poll.<br />Welcome! Please answer the poll.<br />Your Text Here<br />Your Text Here<br />
  2. 2. The Return of Geocaching 101<br />John Phillips<br />Battle Creek Public Schools<br />@BCGeek<br />
  3. 3. What is GPS?<br />GPS is a collection of 24 satellite’s that are in geosynchronous orbit with the Earth. <br />The satellite’s send a signal to the receivers that allow them to triangulate your location.<br />GPS is accurate down to approx. 6 feet.<br />
  4. 4. A typical car GPS <br />Image courtesy of<br />Roughly a $100 investment. Will work for Geocaching.<br />
  5. 5. A Typical Trail GPS<br />This model sells for $99. Very durable, and designed for trail work that is necessary in Geocaching.<br />
  6. 6. What is Geocaching?<br />A high tech treasure hunt that allows people to log on to and find caches hidden by other members.<br />
  7. 7. The official movie…<br /><br />
  8. 8. Wait… What is a cache?<br />A cache is a container that is used for geocaching.<br />Images from<br />
  9. 9. How does it work?<br />Go to<br />Create a free account.<br />Use your zip code to search for caches near your location. (48226 for Cobo)<br />There are about 15 caches within a mile of Cobo!<br />
  10. 10. How does it work? Cont.<br />When you get on the site, you can get the latitude and longitude coordinates of a cache.<br />You can also download the waypoints to different caches.<br />
  11. 11. Sample Cache Page<br />
  12. 12. Lingo <br />Muggle<br />Mystery Cache<br />Multi-Cache<br />TFTC<br />Cache<br />DNF<br />TFTH<br />
  13. 13. Garmin Nuvi GPS<br />Image courtesy of<br />Image courtesy of<br />
  14. 14. Garmin Nuvi GPS<br />Image courtesy of<br />
  15. 15. Garmin Nuvi GPS<br />Image courtesy of<br />
  16. 16. Garmin Nuvi GPS<br />Image courtesy of<br />
  17. 17. Garmin Nuvi GPS<br />Image courtesy of<br />
  18. 18. Garmin Nuvi GPS<br />Image courtesy of<br />
  19. 19. How to use a Car GPS<br />Image courtesy of<br />
  20. 20. The Resulting Map<br />Image courtesy of<br />
  21. 21. Tips for finding<br />Use your sense of environment<br />Look for abnormal things.<br />Trust your instinct.<br />They are VERY well hidden.<br />
  22. 22. Education Application<br />Travel Bugs<br />DEN Geocoin 2010<br />Completely Trackable<br />Think “Flat Stanley”<br />Bugs can have different jobs.<br />Only for kids.<br />Other classrooms only.<br />Finders have to post a quick entry on a wiki.<br />Talk about the temperature and weather when they found the bug.<br />
  23. 23. Cross Curricular<br />Math<br />Students have to solve a problem to get a coordinate. <br />Science<br />Students have to identify the plant material found near or on the cache.<br />Samples of rock in each cache.<br />Social Studies<br />Geography<br />Orienteering<br />Language Arts<br />Writing cache clues.<br />Maintaining a blog about their travel bugs.<br />
  24. 24. Education Application<br />Cache In, Trash Out<br />Image courtesy of<br />
  25. 25.<br />
  26. 26. Contact Me <br />I have a blog:<br />On Twitter: @bcgeek<br />On Skype: jphillipsbc<br />On<br />