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Abc of technology


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this is a book we made.

Published in: Education
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Abc of technology

  1. 1. By Haley and Alisha
  2. 2. The apple store is where you can buy games, movies and books.
  3. 3. A blog is a wiki on the internet .
  4. 4. A computer Is a technology to do research and many other things.
  5. 5. A dictionary is for finding a definition of a word you are looking for.
  6. 6. E is for Electronics An electronic is something you can play games, music, google and research
  7. 7. F is for Facebook Facebook is where you can contact your friends and family and people you don’t even know.
  8. 8. G is for Google google is where you can look up stuff.
  9. 9. H is for Headphone headphones are for listening to music and movies and stuff you like to listen too.
  10. 10. I is for internet Internet is for doing research and for searching images
  11. 11. J is for Junk Drive Junk Drive is a thing that sticks out on the side of your computer and gives you information.
  12. 12. K is for kindle A kindle is a reading device.
  13. 13. L is for laptop a laptop is a device where you can do research and play games
  14. 14. M is for Macbook A macbook is a computer that you can do research.
  15. 15. N is for notes notes are for to do lists and many other things.
  16. 16. O is for online online is websites
  17. 17. P is for podcast its a radio
  18. 18. Q is for QR code QR code is a code that you can scan with your phone
  19. 19. r is for Refresh when you refresh your device you restart it
  20. 20. S is for save as Save as is were you can save your documents.
  21. 21. T is for twitter twitter is were you can contact your friends
  22. 22. U is for usb usb is something that operates the computer
  23. 23. V is for vlog a blog in which the postings are in video form.
  24. 24. w is for wifi wifi is when you are connected to sevice.
  25. 25. X is for xfinty xfinity is for wifi
  26. 26. Y is for Youtube youtube is for watching videos
  27. 27. Z is for Zynga Zynga is a pet finder.
  28. 28. thanks for watching