Ensuring Quality Care for our Residents at EVERY site


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Presented by Pat King at the Optimizing Medications workshop in Vancouver

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Ensuring Quality Care for our Residents at EVERY site

  1. 1. Island Health Residential Services Patricia King, Manager Program Practice and Education
  2. 2. Excellent care – for everyone, everywhere, everytime Our Values Courage: to do the right thing, to change, innovate and grow. Aspire: to the highest degree of quality and safety. Respect: to value each individual and bring trust to every relationship. Empathy: to give the kind of care we would want for our loved ones.
  3. 3. Readmission Rate Falls with Injury in Residential Care Medication Reconciliation in Residential Care Hospital Standardized Mortality Hand Hygiene Compliance Clostridium Difficile Rates Surgical Site Infections Surgical Safety Checklist
  4. 4. Complex continuing care to seniors and younger individuals with disabilities 17 owned and operated sites across Vancouver Island 1,577 beds 14 Designated End of Life beds
  5. 5.  41 Respite beds  85 short stay Convalescent or “Activation” beds  Approximately 838 regular staff and 1,000 casual staff
  6. 6. Affiliates:  Approximately 3590 LTC beds  1023 Assisted Living beds Total bed component is 6,370
  7. 7.   Everyone is listened to: Island wide initiatives look for input from all programs  Medication Safety has members from all areas sitting on a Working Group as part of the Combined Quality System,  A Leader Quality Systems and Process – Medication Safety is working closely with Programs to ensure Medication Safety and Medication Reconciliation is consistently applied throughout the Health Authority  Leader sits on site Accreditation meeting for the site that will be going through Med Safety Accreditation Standards
  8. 8. Continuing Health Services (CHS):    Portfolio consists of Residential Services, Seniors Health Spiritual Care, Older adult Mental Health and Addictions, Home and Community Care, Activation and Transitions and Volunteer Resources In 2010 and 2011 collaboration on Med Rec and Accreditation Standards took place and continues as an ongoing process with Monthly meetings Guidelines and Policies are vetted through the Program Quality Council then by the monthly CHS Quality Council and are then posted on Island Health Intranet
  9. 9.  Further collaboration takes place with Owned and Operated and Affiliate Residential Sites  Bi-monthly Clinical Practice Council is chaired by the Island Health Leader Planning and Development and membership consists of DOC’s from affiliate sites and 4-5 Managers from Owned and Operated Program  CNS from Seniors Health also attends and works closely with both groups on guideline development
  10. 10.  Policies, guidelines and procedures developed by Island Health are shared with this group  Discussion re care issues takes place and all share work they have developed  Quality Indicators are reported and discussed  Leader visits sites on a regular basis and Med Rec is discussed on these visits
  11. 11.    Medical Director of RS holds a Residential Services Medical Advisory Committee (RSMAC) with physicians of both Owned and Operated and Affiliate sites Medication Management is a large part of the discussion especially, at present, with the focus on the inappropriate use of anti-psychotics A representative of Island Health Pharmacy also attends the RSMAC
  12. 12. Held meeting with Acute Care to look at Lean Processes for care delivery and discharge  Residential representative asked to attend  Ongoing collaborative efforts will be another set of meetings with Residential site representation:  This will allow further discussion on Med Rec, Transfer of Information, anti-psychotic use and Error Prone “Do Not Use” Abbreviations 
  13. 13. I would like to take this time to thank you for allowing me to present our information and share our successes within Island Health Residential Services.