Robyn Sussel - U R What You Tweet


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Robyn Sussel of Signals Design Group presented at Quality Forum 2013 - Topic: You are what you Tweet (session A5 & B5).

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Robyn Sussel - U R What You Tweet

  1. 1. U R WhatYou Tweet:Twitter 101 —Your Twitter IdentityPresenter:Robyn Sussel, PrincipalHealth + Academic CommunicationsSignalsTwitter: @robynsusselHashtag Today: #QF101February 2013
  2. 2. Hashtag Today: #QF101 Outline1. Why use Twitter in health care?2. My Character: Who am I on Twitter?3. My Voice: What am I known for?4. My Content: What do I tweet?5. Health communities + resources
  3. 3. Hashtag Today: #QF101
  4. 4. Hashtag Today: #QF101SM usage in health care
  5. 5. Why use Twitter in health care?
  6. 6. Hashtag Today: #QF101Professional development> Old school professional development = whitepapers, journals, documents arriving on your desk> Instead, follow thought leaders> Scan what’s tweeted and open links of interest> Stay up-to-date on latest research> Listen. What are people talking about?
  7. 7. Hashtag Today: #QF101Ideas> You can follow hashtags or specific Tweeps togather ideas> You can float your own idea for feedback> You can ask others for ideason specific topics
  8. 8. Hashtag Today: #QF101Assemble data / research / proof> Health is an evidence-based field> Gather evidence to support your goals> Ask others for their evidence
  9. 9. Build your personal brand> Become known for your area of expertise> Seek out others who share your interest formutual benefit
  10. 10. Hashtag Today: #QF101My character —who am I on Twitter?> Is there a difference between my offline selfand my online self?> What’s the line between personal andprofessional?> Is Twitter different than other social networking(like Facebook)?
  11. 11. Hashtag Today: #QF101Professionals on social media> Be aware of professional conduct guidelines —expect to adhere to them on and offline> Be aware of specific SM professional conductguidelines issued by your professional bodies> Familiarize yourself; respect guidelines; don’t beparanoid; don’t be a non-human> Support your employer; be a brand ambassador
  12. 12. Hashtag Today: #QF101
  13. 13. Hashtag Today: #QF101 Hashtag Curation Retweet
  14. 14. Hashtag Today: #QF101
  15. 15. Hashtag Today: #QF101 Advocacy Event promotion Interaction More personal
  16. 16. Hashtag Today: #QF101My Voice: What am I known for?> Determine & document your subject area >> This may take research / soul searching>Develop general themes you can contribute to >> Clinical area? Professional discussions? Advocacy?>Write your profile to reflect themes and follow people who share your interests
  17. 17. Hashtag Today: #QF101My Voice: What am I known for?> What IS my voice on Twitter? Authoritative? Casual?Expert? Collaborative? Matching-making?
  18. 18. My Content: What do I tweet?Curated> Articles from the media> Journal articles> Abstracts / Posters from conferences> RT’s (retweets) from thought leaders or othersOriginal> Your ideas> Your questions> Interactions with your fellow tweeps
  19. 19. Hashtag Today: #QF101
  20. 20. Hashtag Today: #QF101 Interaction RT with hashtag Asking questions Tweet chat
  21. 21. Hashtag Today: #QF101 Thought leadership Curation Event promotion
  22. 22. Hashtag Today: #QF101Healthcare Social Media Communityin Canada#hcsmca @hcsmcaTweet Chats:Wednesday Mornings at 10am PST@EveningRounds, #eRounds (3rd Tues. of each month)At St. Paul’s. 5:30-7pm. Free. All welcome.www.eveningrounds.caOther important hashtags: #bchc, #CDNhealth,#healthydebate, #hcsm (U.S.)
  23. 23. Hashtag Today: #QF101Good ResourcesSM in Canadian Healthcarewww.smich.caCDC in U.S. Patient Safety & Quality Council