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Flight booking-engine-features


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Cloud Flight Booking Engine

Flight Booking service made much easier and flexible with our Cloud Flight Booking Engine. Designed & Developed after thorough research and analysing of different available Flight Booking Engine in the industry. Our Engineers & Business Research departments have spent more than a year to make a better platform than existing.

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Flight booking-engine-features

  1. 1. Flight Booking Engine
  2. 2. In airline environment, challenges for managing and extracting data to support an Online Air-Ticket Software are increasingly difficult as it needs to resolve customer centric requirements. To resolve the issue, we provide a complete airline management and booking software designed to fulfill the need of our clients. With new and innovative technologies our system is made more consistent and organized to meet the business implementations. Our cost effective and efficient system provides a comprehensive, low-cost solution for all aspects of Online Travel air-ticket booking, effectively integrating sales, flight details into one system.
  3. 3. Growth in passenger traffic is set to remain strong in future Domestic passenger traffic expanded at a CAGR of 12.5 % over FY06–13; by FY17 domestic passenger traffic is expected to touch 209 million International passenger traffic posted a CAGR of 9.8 % over FY06-13 and is set to touch 60 million by FY17. Analyzing the current scenario, we see there is a massive growth in the aviation industry. As far as travel industry is considered, flight booking engine is an unavoidable part of web portal. Making it clear, no travel booking website serves its customers wholly without a flight booking engine. *Source Industry Overview
  4. 4. Flight Booking service is made much easier and flexible with our Flight Booking WebService. Designed & Developed after thorough research and analysis of different available Flight Booking Engine in the industry. Having spend more than a year, our Engineers and Business Research Departments made a better platform thanexisting. Flight Booking Engine
  5. 5. Travel I dustry s First N-Level Ready Made Booking Engine YES, WE MADE IT, Now get started with full fledge flight booking service in less than 48 hours and offer the same solution to "N" number of customers and maximize your Income. Your customers further can also resell the solution as their own brand. Our robust software architecture accommodates all type of business plan in the platform enabling you to GO LIVE in less than 48 hours
  6. 6. Stop Comparing Fares..... Yes, we integrated with multiple GDS & LCC providers to pull out the maximum availability cheapest air fares and last minute booking for you. Lowest Fare Guaranteed Integrated with Multiple GDS & LCC Providers Ensures Last Minute Bookings and Maximum availability of tickets
  7. 7. International Code Sharing and SOTO Bookings Group/Corporate Special Booking You can get special fare for group/corporate bookings  Heavy discounts for group bookings  Special arrangements for Corporate Bookings Coupon and Special Round Fare You will never miss a special/coupon fare in our platform. Special round fare, Family fare also available.  Family special fare  Special round fare  Couponfare Whether you are booking a Domestic, International, Multi city or SOTO flights we support all type of bookings through our flight booking engine  Multi City Bookings  SOTOBookings  Code Sharing Flights  Multiple Carriers Supports All Types of Bookings & Fares
  8. 8. Easy to use Booking Flow An extremely user-friendly GUI makes the booking hassle free and allows you to complete the booking in Just 3 Steps. Confirmedin Just 3 easy steps AJAX Navigation eliminates reloadingbrowser. Quick Search Result Powered by ourSmart Cache Technology Booking. Easy navigation with On ScreenPop-ups Smart Cache Search Our intelligent smart cache search algorithm pulls out the available schedules, seat availability with the indicative price instantly based on our search history data. By the time you have gone through this, the real time data will be made available to you.
  9. 9. 2 - Select Flights 1 - Search 3 – Input Passenger Details 3 Steps – Easy Booking Flow
  10. 10. Track & Manage all your bookings through a well organized Transaction Manager. Passenger Wise & Bulk Cancellation Download Tickets &Receipts 360 Degree Reports View Passenger Details Online Amendments View CommissionEarned Transaction Manager
  11. 11. All type of filters are available to streamline the search results. You can also email the search results to your customers for their quick reference andcomparisons. Easy Filters & Emailing
  12. 12. Configure Self Markup foreach Airlines. Add Separate Markup for Domestic &International Self Markup can also be configured on GrossFare, Base Fare, Base Fare + YQ (Fuel Charges) or Flat Amount. All users can set a markup for themselves. So that whenever a user make a search in the system, then the fares are appeared with that Markup added on top of the air fare. This feature is to meet the operational functions in a travel agent level. Self Markup
  13. 13. A user can still add additional amount as instant mark up according to the demand of the ticket. This is a revenue generating process beneficial for the end travel agent. Instant Markup
  14. 14. Quick Support & Payment Update SUPPORTTICKETS Easily communicate with Administrator through Integrated TicketSystem UPDATEPAYMENTS Easy Payment Update Form from Website & Mobile
  15. 15. Available in 8 Regional Language ह द ं ी ‫و‬‫د‬‫ر‬‫ا‬ বাগালা मराठी ગજુ રાતી ಕ್ನಡ தமி் Hindi Urdu Bengali Marathi Gujarati Kannada Tamil తెలుగు Telugu India’s First Multi Language Flight Booking Engine Available in 8 Indian Languages
  16. 16. Make Unlimited Users,Retailers, Distributors & Resellers Detailed Sales Overview Add or Debit Balance Complete Usage Statics with Charts Pre-loginoption for effective troubleshooting Easy B2B Management Manage all your B2B customers easily through our platform We support 5 level of User Management Resellers - Wholesalers Distributors - Franchisee Sub-Retailers – Fra chisee’s Agents User –DirectClient Retailers- Agents
  17. 17. System Architecture Travel Industry’s First N-Level Ready Made Booking Engine Our N-Tier System Architecture allows you to create resellers upto any Level. You Retailers End Customers Resellers Distributors Sub Retailers Resellers Retailers End Customers End Customers Resellers Distributors Sub Retailers End Customers Distributors Sub - Retailer LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 Resellers LEVEL 3 End Customers Resellers LEVEL 4 LEVEL 5 & UPTO ANY LEVEL ->>>
  18. 18. Customer Management Manage all types of Customers effectively through an easy Customer Management Portal Easy & Quick Customer Management System Pre-login option for effective troubleshooting Add New Customers quickly Track /Export all your credit/debit transactions Easy & Quick Credit Management Detailed Sales Overview
  19. 19. Dashboard A Fully Loaded Dashboard gives you quick statics and an Overview of Issues needs your attention
  20. 20. Create Markup Packages Quickly Set different markup in percentage or flat for your eachcustomers. Decide your ownincome You can decide how much amount or percentage you need to earn from your down the line customers for each bookings Easy Markup Tools Markup can also be configured on Gross Fare, Base Fare, Base Fare + YQ (Fuel Charges) or Flat Amount.
  21. 21. Configure Commissionfor eachAirlines. Add Separate Commission for Domestic & International Commission can be configured on GrossFare, Base Fare, Base Fare + YQ (Fuel Charges) or Flat Amount. You can offer Commission based on your custo ers’ business model and revenue. Thereby, you get commission from your N th level customer and the commission amount is completely under your control. You have the flexibility to offer the commission in flat amount or in percentage for each airline and customers. Commission Management
  22. 22. Add your own cancellation service charge and earn more when a ticket is cancelled. Configure Your Own Cancellation service charge separate for Domestic & International segments Cancellation Charges
  23. 23. Auto Credit Auto Credit is very useful feature for those who are always not available to add credits into their custo er s wallet. If Auto Credit is enabled in a resellers/distributor/user/retailers account then their Wallet will get auto updated with an amount specified by you when their balance goes below than a specified amount set by you.
  24. 24. All our products and technology are designed and developed to ensure stable and multiple income sources for our partners. Only a perfect and unique product can bring stable income for long and give quick ROI Multiple Income Sources Get franchisee Royalty charges Resell Complete solutionand earn huge income Get Registration /entry fee fromagents Money offer technology (XML API) & earnmore Recurring AMCcost Define your own Mark up andmaximize yourincome
  25. 25. Level Management NO RESELLERS Your customer cant appoint any resellers under them. FIRST LEVEL Your customer can appoint only one level of resellers, their reseller further can't make any resellers. UNLIMITED Your customer can appoint unlimited resellers under them further their resellers can also appoint any number of resellers upto any level. Create Resellers with different level restrictions
  26. 26. Available in 12 Colors Available in 12 Vibrant Colors Change Theme with 2 Clicks
  27. 27. Support Centre SUPPORTTICKETS Integrated Online Ticketing System for Effective Customer Support PAYMENTREQUESTS Approve your CustomersCredit Request in Just 3 Clicks
  28. 28. Branding Change Theme – 12+ Color Themes Available Upload Your Company Logo JQuery Slider Show (Supports upto 4 images) 15+ Content Filled Pages with Easy Customization Options to Edit Site Title, Meta Tags & Descriptions of each Pages Advanced HTML WYSIWYG editor for editing your Images & Pages Update your own contents in the Selling Page Option to Show or Hide each page Edit Side Menu Content with Show or Hide Option Change Layout of the Side Menu (Right & Left) Option to Edit Header & Footer Add your own Metatags, Keywords & Site Description for SEO Option to configure Logout Re-direction URL 100% White Labeled Solutions You can customize your control panel & website as your wish. You can upload your own company logo, contents and also make changes according to your needs. Full Administration privilege will be yours. All our Services are 100% white labelled. Our Company Name or back links will never display on your website.
  29. 29. Knowledge Base Comprehensive Searchable Knowledge Base for Quick & Detailed References
  30. 30. Tools Tools
  31. 31. Managing your multiple booking offices and ticketing staffs are made easier with our mid office management module Create unlimited ticket booking staffs Gives different privilege to staffs Track your ticketing staff activities Mid Office Management
  32. 32. Simple XML API withSDK's We understand the difficulties of a developer for integrating Flight Booking Service thus we made the entire process as much as simple with our easy SDK's, so you can relax while we do the complex coding. Easy Amendments We made the amendments much easier and integrated within the platform. You can place amendments requests from the online platform itself.
  33. 33. Integrate our flight booking Web Service API into your existing website We provide web service API which allows you to access multiple GDS system. You need not go through all the formalities and procedures that have to be done if you are directly trying to access the GDS. We also brag about the high platform stability that we offer for the web service API. We understand the difficulties of a developer for integrating Flight Booking Service thus we made the entire process as much as simple with our easy SDK's.
  34. 34. Fully Managed & Hosted Service We know and understand technology better so you just focus only on your corebusiness. 24 x 7 White Labeled Call Centre You can rely on our 24 x 7 White labeled Call Centre Support for Cancellations & Amendments. Even if the flight had to be cancelled at 2 am, our white labeled call centre service ensures round the clock services for your customers.
  35. 35. Thank You