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University of Denver's Learning Effectivness Department


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University of Denver's Learning Effectivness Department

  1. 1. DU HelpsStudents with Learning Disabilities
  2. 2. Consolers workhard in theLearningEffectivenessProgram to helpstudents advocatefor themselves andhelp them plan outtheir quarters
  3. 3. A consoler and astudent go over theirweekly calender
  4. 4. A counselor and astudent plan out aten week quarter
  5. 5. A student and her consoler look ahead at a ten weekcalendar to help manage time and “chunk back” onmajor projects
  6. 6. Planningahead is abig plan thatLEP teachestheirstudents tohelp preventprocrastination
  7. 7. Co-workers in the disabilities support program discussaccommodation students legally receive
  8. 8. Located on thefourth floor ofRuffatto Hall ,many studentsstudy there aswell
  9. 9. LEP has approximately forty tutors, amajority of them are graduate studentsand meet in a tutor room such as theone above
  10. 10. Tutors sign in onthe book sostudents can findthem to help themin many subjects
  11. 11. A tutor signsin to help astudent.Tutoring isone tool themany LEPstudentstakeadvantage of
  12. 12. The LEP and DSPare very good atprovidinginformation forpotential andcurrent studentsabout theirprograms
  13. 13. Marcia Gauleythe LEP/DSPreceptionistalways welcomesstudents with asmile