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X3 family session 11 (1)


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X3 family session 11 (1)

  1. 1. X3 Rock Your FamilySession 11: Talking Sex With Your Kids
  2. 2. Ten Commandments ofRock Your Family• #1) “I am the parent and you are not”• #2) Truth is caught more than taught• #3) Give the blessing• #4) Remember your marriage & keep it a priority
  3. 3. Ten Commandments ofRock Your Family• #5) Get home• #6) Teach life skills daily• #7) Talk honestly about sex
  4. 4. Talk About Sex• For parents sex is a scary subject• But it must be talked about• If weʼre embarrassed theyʼll be embarrassed• Be open with them
  5. 5. Talk About Sex• Teach your children how to respond when exposed to explicit content• Give them ideas how to flee those situations• Explain what is appropriate and what is not appropriate
  6. 6. Homework• Create a rite of passage for your sons or daughters• Create a list of terms about sex and discuss them with your sons or daughters