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Example of a book


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An example of using Powerpoint for pupils to write an interactive story.

Published in: Education
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Example of a book

  1. 2. There once was a little princess. That lived in a little castle Her name was Sophie
  2. 3. Every day at exactly 2pm… Sophie had tea and cake with her best friends, Princess Harriet and Princess Lucy
  3. 4. But when her friends went home Princess Sophie was very lonely
  4. 5. She tried painting She tried cooking
  5. 6. But she was still very lonely
  6. 7. One evening, Sophie heard a noise outside her window. Woof Woof Woof Woof She looked outside and saw a little brown puppy looking for a home.
  7. 8. Princess Sophie raced downstairs and started to play with the little puppy She called him Bobby Woof Woof
  8. 9. Now Princess Sophie is never lonely. Sophie is a happy little princess and Bobby is a happy little puppy!
  9. 10. Story by: Miss Wade