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Vocabulary: Relationships
Suffixes: -ion, -ment
Grammar: Past Simple
Present Perfect contrast
Since and For
Listening/Reading: At a Restaurant
Writing: Distributive connectors (both... and; either... nor, etc.)

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Eso4 Canada

  1. 1. CANADA UNIT 4: CanadianLake Banff Relationships
  2. 2. Relationships We speak native languages in our communities (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) We speak French in Quebec, one of the official languages of Canada. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, and we speak English here.
  3. 3. Vocabulary: Relationships Fancy sb Flirt with sb Fall in love with sb Cheat on sbGoing outProposeEngageGet marriedHave an argumentGet divorced
  4. 4. All Mixed Up: Toronto is the mixed-marriage capital of CanadaHow our city is proof that if a post-racial society is possible, Mixed-marriait will begin in the bedroom By Jan Wong ge Gay marriag eThis fall, my husband and I will mark the 34th anniversary of ourChinese-Jewish marriage. Back in 1976, some folks (OK, myparents) fretted it would never last. “Think of the kids! Neither sidewill accept them,” my mother warned. It took 14 years—and thebirth of our first child—before she quit running in hysterics fromher house whenever my husband dropped by. (I’m not kidding.)Yet in 2010, not only am I still married, with two fairly acceptablesons, I find myself living in the mixed-marriage capital of Canada.Toronto famously blazed the way for same-sex marriage. Today,it turns out to be a Petri dish for innovative people combos. The term miscegenationAccording to the latest Statistics Canada data, nearly twice as has been usedmany Toronto couples are in mixed marriages, legal and common since thelaw, as the rest of Canadians, 7.1 per cent versus 3.9 per cent. 19th century toThat number covers all existing unions, including dusty old ones refer to interraciallike mine. marriage. Interracial marriage in the United Same-sex marriage is a marriage States has been fully legal in all USA between two persons of the same since the 1967. biological sex or gender identity.
  5. 5. Vocabulary: suffixes –ion/-ment age To argueT o eng Engagement Argument Announcement Advertisement Embarassment To celebra te Te Celebration quiero Translation Collection T’estimo Invention I love you To translate To embaras e s To collect To advertis
  6. 6. GR. Past Simple and Present Perfect• We use the past simple • We use the present for completed actions at perfect simple for specific points in the past completed actions at unspecific points in the We started going out a year ago. past (experiences) • Actions than began in the • Ago • Yesterday past and continue in the • Last week present • Ever-never I have never been to Badalona. I’ve just been in • For-since London for two days. • Just-already- Avril Lavigne has been living yet in Toronto since September.
  7. 7. Present Perfect: Since & For SINCE + exact date FOR + Quantity of time• Express initial point • Express duration Since 1992 For 20 years NO W• They have been married • They have been married since 1992 for 20 years
  8. 8. Actions and events PAST S IM PLE AGO that happenned and finished in the past• Simple past + quantity of time + AGO• Regular: -ed • One hour• Worked, Studied • Two days/A week• Irregular: 2nd col. • Four years• Met, bought, took • Ages/Centuries• Simon met John four years AGO.• They got married in Toronto a month AGO.
  9. 9. Actions and events FECT PRE SENT PER FOR that started in the past and have repercussions at present• Present Perfect + FOR + quantity of time (Have + p.p.)• Regular: -ed • One hour• I have worked• She has studied • Two days/A week• Irregular: 3rd col. • Four years• I have met / We have bought • Ages/Centuries• She has taken And they are still talking now• Mary has talked to Jack for more than one hour• They have been together for one year They are still together at present
  10. 10. Actions and events FECT PRE SENT PER SINCE that started in the past and have repercussions at present• Present Perfect + SINCE + exact point in the past (Have + p.p.)• Regular: -ed • Yesterday• I have worked• She has studied • Last week/year• Irregular: 3rd col. • I was a child• I have met / We have bought • 1996 And they are• still talking She has taken now• Mary has talked to Jack for more than one hour• They have been together for one year They are still together at present
  11. 11. Ago / Since – For Beginning in the late 15th century, British and French expeditions explored, and later settled, along the regions Atlantic coast… five centuries ago.The land that is now Canada Canada, Mexico, and the United States has been inhabited for have been part of the North millennia by various American Free Trade Agreement Aborigiunal peoples. (NAFTA) since 1992.
  12. 12. Ago / Since – For 1981 25 years 1986 26 years 1989 27 yearsSpain has belonged to Spain has been in the Spain entered the European Union the European for… European Union … ago. Union since…
  13. 13. Ago / Since – For W 2010 2 years e m et 2011 3 years in 20 09 2012 5 years Sumi, Quatchi and Miga have been friends for…Vancouver Winter Sumi, Quatchi and Olympics started … Miga have been ago. friends since…
  14. 14. Ago / Since – For 1980 1999 2011Nunavut has got separated from the Nunavut has been an Nunavut became an Northern independent independent federal federal territory territory … ago. Territories since… for…
  15. 15. Listening-Speaking: At the Restaurant
  16. 16. Inuktitut. Inuit language.
  17. 17. Listening-Speaking: At the RestaurantMenu in Inuktitut Menu in English “Clamato” This drink is made of clams broth and… Caribou
  18. 18. At the Restaurant ENDING Hello, can I take your •The bill, I have not made up my mind order? please.yet… Oh yes, I will try the caribou •It`s dish, please. fifteen Anything to drink? Canadian What is Clamato juice? dollars, It`s tomato juice with clam`s please.Hmm interesting, I will have a go, broth •Here you thanks. And for dessert. Some havemapple syrup pancakes, thanks. them. And OK. I will bring your order the tip! shortly.
  19. 19. WRITING: Distributive connectors I want either coffee or tea... I Do you want coffee or tea? dont mind. (o...o...) I want both coffee and tea. (tant... com...) I dont want neither coffee nor tea. (ni... ni...) I would like not only coffee and tea but also some milk. (no sols... sinó també...) Both… and… Either… or Neither… nor… Not only… but also…EX.:
  20. 20. WRITING: Distributive connectors ATTENTION! Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are actors (plural verb) Neither Brad nor Angelia is from Spain (singular verb)
  21. 21. WRITING• Look for information about a celebrity and his/her relationships.• E.g. Gwyneth Paltrow, her former relationships and her current husband.• Write a composition using what you have learnt in this unit (connectors).
  22. 22. VOCABULARY To sum up… -tion Going out celebration Propose invention Engage collectionGet marriedHave an -ment Both… and… argument argument Either… orGet divorced Neither… nor… advertisement Not only… but also…Fancy sb PAST SIMPLE PR.PERFECTFlirt with sbFall in love -ed/2nd column -ed/3rd col. with sb • Ago • Ever-never • Yesterday • For-sinceCheat on sb • Last week • Just-already-yet