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Eso3 unit 6 africa


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Eso3 unit 6 africa

  1. 1. VOC. Adventure sportsGR. Future with WILLL.SP. Giving advice: should/must
  2. 2. Welcome to my continent…. AFRICA! I love practise extreme sports… can you help me find the activities Ican do around Africa? If you can’t…. HAKUNAMATATA! No problem… we’ll solve it!
  3. 3. A Help me match the pictures! 1. Do Snowboard F D 2. Climb aB mountain 3. Practise dust board 4. Do sightseeing on a camel 5. Do snorkelling G 6. Do scuba C diving 7. See the H Soccer World Cup 8. Go on a E safari
  4. 4. This is the Atlas, a snowy range ofmountains you can find in Morocco… what canof sport will you practise here?
  5. 5. You will practise snowboarding!= You’ll practise snowboarding!
  6. 6. Different landscapes… different countries!
  7. 7. Different landscapes… different countries!
  8. 8. Different landscapes… different countries!
  9. 9. Adventure sportsBungee jumpingParachutingKayakingRollerbladingWindsurfingSnorkellingRock-climbingHang-gliding
  10. 10. Future: will I ‘ll go with Be you Play• I Eat• You WILL Jump• He = ‘LL Drink INFINITIVE Fly• She WILL NOT• It Swim = WON’T• We Hunt• You Don’t worry... I Fight won’t eat• They you Sleep
  11. 11. Will + subject + infinitive...?Will you be our friend? Yes, I will!
  12. 12. WritingIn 5/10/15 years, I will...
  13. 13. In five years… I will I predict he will be meet Nala. the Lion King! I will live with my parents. I will not have to look for food. In ten years… I will meet Timon and Pumbaa (my meerkat and warthog friends). I will live with my friends in the jungle. I will have to look for food. In fifteen years… I willfight against Scar. I will He won’t… if I can fall in love with Nala. prevent it!We will have two cubs. I will not have to
  14. 14. DIALOGUE Giving advice Can I ask your advice about something? Yes, of course. What’s the problem?Well… I really like Nala, but I don’t know what to do about it. I think you should tell her how you feel. Maybe I’ll send her a message… No! You must tell her face to face! But, what if she laughs at me? Hakuna matata! She won’t laugh at you! OK. Maybe I should invite her… Great idea!
  15. 15. MUST is stronger than SHOULD (Debes / deberías) (Has de /hauríes de) MODALS Giving advice I think you should tell her how you feel. You shouldn’ keep it to yourself You must tell her face to face! You mustn’t forget!
  16. 16. SONG Lion King 2• In a perfect world• One weve never known We have never known• We would never need to face the world alone• They can have the world• Well create our own We will create our own• I may not be brave or strong or smart• But somewhere in my secret heart I know• Love will find a way Love will find a way• Anywhere I go Im home• If you are there beside me• Like dark turning into day
  17. 17. • Somehow well come through We will come• Now that Ive found you I have found• Love will find a way I was so afraid It’ll find• Now I realize Love is never wrong• And so it never dies• Theres a perfect world• Shining in your eyes• And if only they could feel it too• The happiness I feel with you• Theyd know Love will find a way Love will find• Anywhere we go were home if we are there together
  18. 18. To sum up Giving advice Can I ask your advice FUTURE-will about something? Will they have baby Affirmative lions (cubs)? Yes, of course. What’s Negative the problem? Question I’ll always love you. I won’t fail you. VOCBungee jumpingHang-gliding MODALS To sum up... You should…Parachuting You must…