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Automated Report Distribution - MSW automatically routes reports to management individuals who havebeen designated by the ...
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Internal Versus External Hotlines


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Internal Versus External Hotlines

  1. 1. www.BusinessControls.com MySafeWorkplace® vs. Internal Hotlines Internal Feature MySafeWorkplace® Hotlines Electronic (Email) Notification Award-Winning 24/7/365 Live Agents and Technology Web Access Business Controls, Inc., along with its Customizable Client technology partner, Welcome Page Fujitsu Consulting,was awarded the 2006 Graphics Analytics Tool Microsoft Annual Partner Award with Report Notification Time their Incident < Within Seconds Variable Reporting System,MySafeDashboard™. Accessible Web ReportingThe prestigious annual Levels of Anonymity 3 2 competition, which drew a record 2,700 Consultation with Subject Mat- entries in 13 ter Expertscategories, recognizesMicrosoft partners that Review On-line Report Before have demonstrated Submission outstanding competence and Litigation Support/Avoidancecreativity in delivering Toolinnovative technology solutions for their Automated Report Distribution customers. The Number and Quality of 1% to 2% of employ- Typically less Reports ees base than .5% Ability to Follow-up With the Reporting Party Reporting Languages 200+ 1 Language Translation Costs Included Extra International Toll Free Costs Included Extra Report Data Retention Indefinite N/A 5995 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, Suite 110 ● Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 ● Office 303.526.7600 ● 800.650.7005 ● Fax 303.526.7757
  2. 2. Detailed Explanation of MySafeWorkplace® vs. Internal HotlinesElectronic Report Notification - MySafeWorkplace® (MSW) automatically notifies all relevant managementpersonnel that a report has been submitted. Internal Hotlines (IH) require an internal resource to manually notifyother management personnel via phone, email, or verbally.24/7/365 Web & Call Center Reporting Capabilities - MSW offers their client’s employees the ability tosubmit a report via the Internet or a call center available 24/7/365. IH systems typically allow employees the optionof calling an internal number that is only staffed during business hours.Customizable Welcome Screen - MSW can provide clients with a customized Welcome Screen to help iden-tify the company for the reporting party. IH have no web interface.Report Notification Time - MSW guarantees that management will receive notification of reports and have ac-cess to the reports in less than three (3) minutes. Actual transmission time is usually a few seconds. If an IH is an-swered during business hours then the notification can begin at that point and can vary depending on the severityof the report or workload of the person responsible to transcribe the calls. If a report is made to an IH off hours,management will not be aware of the report until the next business day which could be as much as 60 hours later.Levels of Anonymity - MSW has three (3) levels of anonymity available to a reporting party; Remain Com-pletely Anonymous, Don’t Care About Anonymity and Remain Anonymous Toward Organization. When the report-ing party chooses Remain Anonymous toward Organization, MSW collects their identifying information but doesnot pass it along to its clients in the report. This allows MSW to follow up with parties who have not checked backinto MSW for communications from their organization. This provides clients with a means to reach significantlymore anonymous reporters than an internal solution. IH’s only provide two levels of anonymity, remain anonymousor give identification and offer no means for management to communicate with the reporting party if the person hasremained anonymous.Consultation with Subject Matter Experts - MSW clients receive a free 30 minute consultation with a sub-ject matter expert for each report that they receive through MSW. MSW has subject matter experts in the areas ofCertified Fraud Examiner, Employment Law, Workplace Violence, Substance Abuse, Forensic Psychology, LossPrevention, IT Forensics and Corporate Internal Investigations. IH systems inherently do not have this benefitunless the company has in-house experts who are available to provide guidance.Review On-line Report Before Submission - MSW allows the reporting party to review all the informationthey have provided in the report prior to its final submission. This is true of reports submitted via the web and thecall center. IH’s do not give the reporting party the ability to review and edit a report once it is complete or hasbeen transcribed.Litigation Support/Avoidance Tool - MSW was designed by experts in corporate investigations and risk miti-gation to act as a litigation support and avoidance tool. Many of the features of MSW are designed so that AttorneyWork Product and Attorney Privilege are maintained throughout the reporting and investigations process. IH re-quire companies to create document retention policies and procedures for reports and notes and to follow theirown Attorney Work Product procedures. 5995 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, Suite 110 ● Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 ● Office 303.526.7600 ● 800.650.7005 ● Fax 303.526.7757
  3. 3. Automated Report Distribution - MSW automatically routes reports to management individuals who havebeen designated by the client without human intervention. Reports are instantaneously routed using MSW’s pat-ent-pending technology. IH require companies to construct their own internal means of routing reports and re-taining records of report and follow-up communications. IH also allow for a report’s content to be altered after ithas been dictated by the reporting party as there are no controls over the transcription of the report. IH cannever say with certainty that a given report has not been altered.The Number and Quality of Repots - Employees view a third party solution as more protective and com-fortable leading to greater reporting of appropriate incidents as well as greater protection under the Federal Sen-tencing Guidelines. A truly effective reporting system should average between .5 to 2% of an employee basefiling a report a year. Employees often question whether an internal system is truly anonymous. This can lead toemployees failing to report incidents. Doubts about anonymity can also lead to increased corporate liability ex-posure under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines if a judge or jury were to agree that it was reasonable for anemployee to have such concerns.Ability to Follow-up With the Reporting Party - Management can ask follow up questions of the em-ployee through the MySafeWorkpalce® message board while retaining the employee’s and managements iden-tity. This can save the company extraordinary time and money. Internal systems never provide the ability to askfollow up questions of the person reporting the incident. The cost to the company of a vague report with no abil-ity to ask follow up questions can be large.Reporting Languages - MSW can take reports in over 170 languages and have them transcribed into Englishfor dissemination and handling. IH systems typically do not allow for report submission in languages other thanEnglish. When IH do allow for other languages, the company has to make arrangements for those reports to betranslated to English on a case by case basis.Language Translation Costs - All costs for translating reports over the phone are included in MSW’s annualfee. There are no per use or additional charges that an MSW client might incur for the ongoing service. IH sys-tems would incur a per translation charge for translating reports received in languages other than English andSpanish. This will lead to costs that are uncontrolled and unknown to its clients.International Toll Free Costs - All costs for International Toll-Free and/or International Collect calls are in-cluded in MSW’s annual fee. There are no usage or additional charges that an MSW client might incur for theongoing service. IH systems will incur charges for international toll calls.Control of Client Database and Report Hierarchy - MSW allows its’ clients to have complete control overtheir MSW database once it is set up. MSW clients can change anything in their database (locations, depart-ments, users, distribution hierarchy, etc) instantaneously with the click of a few buttons. IH systems typically donot have an electronic database for the automated routing of reports.Report Data Retention - MSW retains complete records of all reports that its clients receive in the clients’database so that the client may access all reports at any time. If a client has a data retention policy, MSW willadhere to it. IH systems typically do not have an electronic report retention database. 5995 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, Suite 110 ● Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 ● Office 303.526.7600 ● 800.650.7005 ● Fax 303.526.7757