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Switchvox 4.0 is here!!!!


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Switchvox 4.0 is here!!!!

  1. 1. Switchvox® SMB Appliances SWITCHVOX SMB ® Simple, Manageable, Beyond Expectations AA60 Appliance AA300 Appliance AA350 Appliance …if there’s an appliance or SMB IP-PBX to beat, this is the one. with 10 Silver Subscriptions with 10 Silver Subscriptions with 10 Silver Subscriptions – Matthew Nickasch, Network World Offices that don’t have a computer rack and Medium-sized businesses with a computer rack or Medium to large businesses that want a high perfor- Ideal For: need the space-savings of a small platform. shelf space that want the power of a server-class PBX. mance, highly redundant, full featured rackmount PBX. - Supports 1 to 30 users - Supports 1 to 150 users - Supports 1 to 400 users Users / Calls: - Up to 12 concurrent calls - Up to 45 concurrent calls - Up to 75 concurrent calls Expansion Slots: Two Three Three Recording / - Up to 5 concurrent recorded calls - Up to 10 concurrent recorded calls - Up to 20 concurrent recorded calls - Up to 5 simultaneous conference users - Up to 15 simultaneous conference users - Up to 30 simultaneous conference users Conferencing: - RAID Controller with mirrored drives Redundancy / Cold Spare Available Cold Spare Available - Redundant Power Supplies Failover: - Cold Spare Available - Silver Subscription Plan - Silver Subscription Plan - Silver Subscription Plan Subscription Saves You Money - Gold Subscription Plan - Gold Subscription Plan - Gold Subscription Plan Options: - Platinum Subscription Plan - Platinum Subscription Plan - Platinum Subscription Plan Warranty - Standard 1 Year Warranty - Standard 1 Year Warranty - Standard 1 Year Warranty • Simplified licensing Imagine a communications solution - 3 Year Extended Warranty - 3 Year Extended Warranty - 3 Year Extended Warranty Options: • Eliminates expensive technician visits that you can configure to meet your • Use your existing network infrastructure Switchvox® SMB Feature Highlights needs and improve your productivity. • 40-60% Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) • Choose the service provider that suits your needs Extensions Switchboard Call Control Call Queues / ACD • Easily integrate remote workers and road warriors Click to call Directed Pickup Unlimited Call Queues 3,4,5 digit extensions • Built in conference bridges reduce 3rd party dependence Digium’s award winning, Drag and drop transfer Hold Real Time Queue Statistics Virtual Extensions Monitor, Whisper, Barge Assisted Transfer Queue Caller Timeout Extension Templates • Ext to ext dialing between locations, even internationally Presence Blind Transfer Queue Member Circuit Limit Control permissions for extensions turn-key IP PBX, Switchvox®, Desktop Operator Panel Call Parking Route when no members logged in Extension Groups Current call control Do Not Disturb Custom Music on Hold per Queue Easy to Manage One click on-the-fly recording Announce Position in Queue Calling Methods is the solution for small and Record others’ calls Announce Estimated Hold Time Voice & Data Integration VoIP • Fully web-based interface Queue Member view Outlook Integration Announcement Frequency Control Analog Phone Lines Queue supervisor view Call Creation API Historical Queue Logs • Schedule automatic back-ups medium sized businesses. T1/E1 Phone Lines Call Parking Lot Panel Call Event Notification API Historical Queue Statistics Connecting Multiple Switchvoxes • Upgrade and update with one click Google Maps Panel Firedialer Auto Log Off • On-site; no secondary networks needed CRM Panel Screen Pops Five Different Ring Strategies Conferencing Custom Panels Meet Me Conferencing • Extension templates to quickly add new users Additional Features Logging & Reporting Simple Conferencing Switchvox® puts the power of VoIP • Automatic call routing based on date and time Dial By Name Directory Call Logs Voicemail into your hands in an easy to use • Extension groups to manage extensions efficiently Voicemail to your E-mail Inbox Custom Time Frames Call Reporting Paging and Intercom Flexible Voicemail Access Call Forwarding Current Calls 2-way Intercom • Multiple administrative log-ins with controlled access package that is cost effective, easy to Automatic Mailbox Creation Find Me / Follow Me Queue Status 1-way Paging Voicemail Blast Groups Music on Hold Queue Reports Overhead Paging manage and boosts productivity. IVR/Auto Attendant Error Log Boosts Productivity Upgradeable Hardware Sound Recordings Recording & Monitoring Ability to Make Custom Recordings Advanced Diagnostics Call Recording Over 300 pre-recorded sound files g729 codec support • Click to dial Call Monitoring • Detailed call reporting • Drag and drop transfer • Mobility; find me, follow me Under the Risk-Free Guarantee, Digium® will • CRM and web application integration refund the purchase price of any qualifying • Unified Messaging (voice-mail to e-mail) Digium product(s) for any customer that is not 100% satisfied with the performance of • Presence; know when co-workers are not available the Digium product(s) they purchased. For • Unlimited custom greetings, menus, and music on hold more detailed information about Digium’s ESP Program, please visit
  2. 2. Switchboard Overview Every extension on your Switchvox® SMB system has access to a real-time call control panel called the Switchboard. The Switchboard is an intuitive way for your workforce to see the phone calls their co-workers are on, and interact with calls taking place in the system. Call Management Every user’s Switchboard can be customized to streamline their See and manage all your calls tasks and the whole thing is driven by permissions set up by the at a glance! Drag and drop on administrator, so your customer service manager can be granted to anyone in your Phonebook permission to listen in on calls to the customer service line, but to transfer, record any of your no others. The Switchboard is web based, so it will run in Internet calls, click to place calls on hold Explorer or Firefox, and when new features are released, the update and resume. Or drag calls into is server-side; so much easier to manage than having to update the parking lot for other users everyone’s desktop clients! to retrieve from any phone when they’re ready. CRM Integration Caller ID can only tell you so much about who’s calling. Integration with Salesforce and SugarCRM means that you can see details, like which of your co-workers last spoke with this person, what they talked about, and when! Google Maps Integration By evaluating the area code where your incoming calls originate, Switchvox® can pinpoint the location for you. Know their timezone, which sales territory your caller is in... Queue Activity giving your employees a valuable edge when they take a call. Are you getting more calls Provide the best in customer service! in the past week since your new ad campaign started? Are they shorter or longer calls than usual? With an overview of your call queues, you can have these answers and more, all updated in real time. Agent Activity See details about what’s happening in your queue Make Your Own Mashups right now. Which agents Integrate Switchvox® with any web application are logged in? Who’s on Interactive Phonebook quickly and easily to take your customer the phone? For how long? satisfaction and employee productivity to a With whom? Are there Keep your finger on the pulse of your business! See who whole new level. No matter what information calls queued up, waiting else is on the phone, click to call or intercom. Even record, you need at your fingertips, Switchvox® can to be answered? Make monitor, whisper or barge, only if you have permission, perform the searches for you, so you know sure you’re providing top of course! Set status messages to communicate your everything you need to, even before you pick notch service, even when availability at a glance. Customize for you, with all your up that ringing phone. you’re not a call center. company’s extensions or just a select few.