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Tim Janssen


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Blockchain in education

Published in: Education
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Tim Janssen

  1. 1. Blockchain and education
  2. 2. @thwjanssen89 Blockchain | Artificial Intelligence | Internet of Things | Quantum Computing | Zero Knowledge Proof | Semi Professional Running
  3. 3. Collaborator(s) Employer Teacher (group)Projects Courses Certificates Grants Student
  4. 4. Student Collaborator Teacher Employer
  5. 5. Employer Digital portfolio Student (group)Projects Courses Grants Certificates Hash Information owned by student using Uport
  6. 6. Income parents Travel information Is student enrolled Determine grant Alert in case of fraud
  7. 7. • Process optimization - Proof of certificate - Applying for courses - Automatically cancel travel card and scholarships • Privacy (zero knowledge proof) • Prevent fraud - false certificates - outhome scholarship • Digital portfolio (go beyond certification)