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Rutger van Zuidam


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Blockchain in education

Published in: Education
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Rutger van Zuidam

  1. 1. RUTGER VAN ZUIDAM Organizer Dutch Blockchain Hackathon, DutchChain
  2. 2. Co-creating the next operating system for our society Rutger van Zuidam
  3. 3. Shifting the way we organise trust Requires a new approach
  4. 4. centralized scheduled their-time all invented inside owned closed hyper-competition spend trash pyramids one-way broadcast monolithic proprietary linear distributed real-time my-time invented anywhere shared open hyper-collaboration use renew nodes two-way converse networked interoperable exponential
  5. 5. Connect - Share - Collaborate (have fun) Launching customers (corporate & government) Funding Startups & Scale-ups NGOs Universities Regulators Ecosystem driven innovation
  6. 6. Pre-hack prepare Hackathon momentum Post-hack accelerate
  7. 7. Refugee identity (Social Fabric/ IBM) Sharing Energy through Whatsapp (ToBlockchain) Time stamping (anything) on the bitcoin blockchain (PlanB/ Bitonic) Indisputable contracts between freelancers and their clients (Zissou/ IBM) Distribute ownership and divident to individuals in collective investments (BEN#2) Examples
  8. 8. open ecosystem public & private partners tailor made canvas appreciative approach rhythm no ticket sales Key ingredients
  9. 9. IMPACT CANVAS direct needs / help now! 3 month plan future needs [may include funding] working on [currently working on] team name: product name: contact details: BlockChain: 1,2,3 stars better-code: 1........10 xlr8 programme: yes/no on user on user-context on society minimal viable product [proof of “hello world”] problem/case [problem analysis] future features? [a list of possible devs] dev topics / to do’s [what should be devd asap] x-factor [secret recipe, special sauce] embed / consort [connected to which partners?]
  10. 10. Your team Your solution Your connections Your consortium Appreciative approach We support & accelerate
  11. 11. SXSW, Austin Texas Smart Dubai Office Blockchain Challenge Consensus, New York Global reach
  12. 12. Preparing conferences (September - March) The biggest blockchain hackathon in the world (April) Tailor made acceleration (April - June) Next season 17/18
  13. 13. September 28th Kick-off next season @ StartupFest Hall of Knights (Ridderzaal) The Hague Blockchain Future of Trust Summit WFP - Ethereum - IOTA - Estonia Source: Miguel Vicente Martínez Juan /
  14. 14.