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Witt O Briens: A route through the Panama Panal


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Witt O Briens: A route through the Panama Panal

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Witt O Briens: A route through the Panama Panal

  2. 2. Disclaimer and acknowledgements  Although I am employed by Witt O’Brien’s Ltd, the material contained in this presentation has not been sponsored or endorsed by Witt O’Brien’s Ltd. No association of this material with Witt O’Brien’s Ltd, its policies or practices is expressed or implied.  Some concepts and information herein are freely available from many sources, and their sharing and dissemination is highly encouraged. However, please do not use these slides themselves without my permission as their format and configuration are particularly identified with me. Thanks!  My thanks to Witt O’Brien’s colleagues in the UK and US for their input, insight and lessons in order for me to form my opinions expressed herein.  My thanks also go to clients who have given us the opportunity to run exercises and continuously learn in order to share that experience in consultancy, training and simulations.
  3. 3. The largest data leak in history…
  4. 4. Our team have been working for months before the Panama Papers on a secret project to bring exciting technology to market…today we wish to introduce you to our technology…
  5. 5. Q1
  6. 6. Q2
  7. 7. Q3
  8. 8. Q4
  9. 9. Q5
  10. 10. No one is immune
  11. 11. You can be prepared
  12. 12. Recent exercises Made to measure
  13. 13. International banking group
  14. 14. Utility
  15. 15. Insurance
  16. 16. 5 Tips for exercise design Attack vector Victim or villain Service level agreements Delegated authority Range of spokespeople
  17. 17. Exercise planning resources PD25666:2010 – Guidance on exercising and testing Exercise Planners Guide (1998), Home Office BCI Good Practice Guide 2013 FEMA IS-550: Continuity Exercise Design Course Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Programme (HSEEP)
  18. 18. Next Steps… exercise planning consultation observer at your next exercise workshop to plan your next exercise  01332 222299
  19. 19. About Us  Witt O’Brien’s is a global leader in crisis and emergency management, with unrivalled experience and knowledge of public safety, disaster mitigation, business continuity, crisis and emergency management issues.  We offer a full range of services to better prepare your organisation before disaster strikes and help you recover more quickly if it does.  We help you Prepare, Respond, Communicate, Recover. We help you Control the Outcome®.  To learn more about our real-world experience and innovative solutions, please visit our websites at and Follow us on Twitter at