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  1. 1. Imagine you were Mr.Chawla, Sampath has been fired from the post office.Write your thoughtsNot again! Sampath has brought ignominy upon our family. Shiva! He has causeddestruction within our family! He has been fired from the post office. What washe thinking that day! Hai hai, what has he done? He’s such a lazy, obtuse son, whydoes he refuse when I asked him to find another job! He’s an inadequate childwith no talent at all! Dear Shiva, please help me. I can’t do anything, what aburden! What will he do now? Steal from someone? Work in the market? Shivaoh Shiva! Help me please! All I want was to make Sampath a good son, successfulperson, not some dull witted and lazy kid, Brahma! I’m so angry, I can beat allpeople in Shahkot! Now where should I put my face? Should I throw my face? Haihai! He’s completely lacking in common sense! Even he mumbled when I gavehim the job at the post office, an easy job and he mumbled! Hai, hai!Shiva! I thought that Sampath would be a good child with lots of talent. Once mymother said that Sampath would be famous, although the pace is slow. Nowwhat? He has made my head spins around like the earth! He has broughtdisgrace to me! Dear Brahma, I thought that the monsoon and all the signs whenSampath was born means something good, means that Sampath is the chosenone, the chosen kid, the special kid. But I try to change that perspective when hewas so slow during school. He was such a brainless kid when he was in school.Dear Brahma! Now he made lots of trouble. Hai hai! What a dim child! I’m thehead clerk of the bank and I can’t find anyplace to hide this shame feelings. Afterall things I have been through for him, after I found job for him. He just ruin all
  2. 2. up! Even he said that he doesn’t want to find another job, brainless horrific son.What if he got the big job, like the prime minister? He’ll ruin the country if he’sthe prime minister.The time when Sampath born, the happiest time where Kulfi and me was veryhappy. Because we expect a lot from Sampath. Kulfi once told me that at firstSampath was very quite inside her belly. But when time goes by, Kulfi said thatSampath hit, kick and even leaped inside the belly. This made me very happy, Ithought that Sampath will be a special kid. Just right before Sampath was born,there was monsoon coming when we all thought that monsoon would nevercame. Also the supply airplane drops their supply down into Shahkot. Brahma!It’s an unusual event that occurred during the long drought and famine. I’mhoping that those signs indicate something for Sampath. Hoping that Sampathcan be one of the brightest stars in the dark clouds, shining upon us and bringhappiness for us. But all of it fades away in a blink.What should I do now? What should I do to make him find a job? Shiva! I’d doanything a human can do to convince him to do another job, to help the family.Although he can’t be special and can’t be any bright stars, its fine with me. Justgive him another job, convince him to work, open the clouds that have coveredhis mind! Throw all of the insanity! He’s twenty years old but he acted like a 10year-old-kid! Doing the easy job and he can’t even keep his job.