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  1. 1. Population !!
  2. 2. Population Distribution• The distribution of population in certain areas• Factors :1. supply of water 2. fertile soils 3. raw materials 4. good communications 5. economy
  3. 3. Dependency RatioThe dependency ratio measures the percentage of the population who are working and the percentage of dependent population.Population age ≤ 15 + population age ≥ 60 Population age 16 – 59
  4. 4. NATURAL POPULATION GROWTH• Growth resulted from birth rate subtracted from mortality rate. T(N) = B - D (birth rate - death rate)
  5. 5. Total Population Growth• Resulted by adding natural population growth and immigration rate and subtracted from emigration rate. T(N) = (B - D) + (Immigration - emmigration)
  6. 6. Fertility• Factors to Fertility:• Young-age marriage 2. depressed for not having children 3. the philosophy of children to bring fortune 4. the philosophy of children to help parents to earn more money
  7. 7. Migration• Is the the movement of people from one area to another area, one place to another place. Either temporary of permanent, individual or group.
  8. 8. Immigrant• The movement of people who comes into Indonesia
  9. 9. Emmigrants• The movement of people who go out from Indonesia
  10. 10. Causes of Migration• Natural Disaster• Bad Economy• Religion• Family• Politics
  11. 11. Negative effects of low-population density• Underdevelopment• Unable to develop the industrial sector of their economy -> the production output of factories will be low• Uneconomical to develop extensive infrastructure facilities (remain isolated and underdeveloped)