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Exam 3 review


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Exam 3 review

  1. 1. Exam 3 Review
  2. 2. Race & EthnicityO Racial groupO One drop ruleO EthnicityO Minority groupsO Prejudice vs discriminationO Psychological theories of prejudice O Projecting O Frustration-aggression theory
  3. 3. Race & EthnicityO Institutional racismO Dealing with race relations O Assimilation O Melting pot O Anglo conformity O Cultural pluralism O Segregation (de jure and defacto)
  4. 4. Gender & SexualityO Connection of gender and raceO Sex vs. gender O Ascribed vs. achievedO Gender rolesO “Doing” gender (performativity)
  5. 5. Gender & SexualityO Economics and gender O “Motherhood wage penalty” O Comparable worthO Gender identity O Cisgender O Third gendersO Gender discordance
  6. 6. ReligionO Durkheim – The Elementary Forms of Religious Life O Why primitive religion O Definition of religion O Three components O Cultural O Social organizational O Sacred things
  7. 7. ReligionO Sacred & profaneO TotemismO Polytheism and monotheismO Troeltsch O Three types of religion O Mysticism, Church (ecclesia, dominations, sects), Cult O Fundamentalism
  8. 8. ReligionO Conflict theory of religionO Functionalist theory of religion O Durkheim O Manifest & latent functionsO Robert Bellah’s civil religionO Secularization
  9. 9. PowerO Definition, politicsO Weber O Legitimacy O Rational grounds O Traditional grounds O Charismatic grounds
  10. 10. PowerO Galbraith O Three types of power O Condign O Compensatory O Conditioned
  11. 11. PowerO Gramsci O Cultural hegemonyO Feminism – unmarked categoriesO Mills – Power Elite O Decision making O Institutions (economic, political, military)