Goal setting


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Goal setting

  1. 1. Goal-Setting
  2. 2. SMART Goal Setting Specific – Goals should be straightforward and emphasize what you want to happen Measurable – If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it Attainable – Set goals that are in your reach Realistic – Set goals that are “do-able” Timeframe – Set a timeframe for the goal
  3. 3. Bucket List
  4. 4. SHORT-TERM GOAL A goal is considered short- term if it will take about six months or less to complete. EXAMPLE: My goal is to have ‘B’ grades and above in all my classes by the end of the quarter.
  5. 5. LONG-TERM GOALA goal is considered long-term if it will take about 6 months or longer to complete. EXAMPLE: My goal is to save $100.00 to buy a bike before the end of the year. I will save $10.00 each month.
  6. 6. Action Plan Anaction plan is a multi-step strategy to identify and achieve your goals.
  7. 7. Why set goals? Take control of your life Focus on the important things Make good decisions Finish tasks efficiently Builds self-confidence Sense of accomplishment Make progress toward bigger goals Setting the goal is half of the work toward achieving the goal!
  8. 8. Goal vs. Good Idea Good idea  Goal  I would like to go  I will attend USC to college fall 2016.
  9. 9. Goal vs. Good Idea I want to improve  I will have an A in my math grade geometry by the end of the 2nd quarter by turning in all assignments on time
  10. 10. Goal vs. Good Idea I need to drink more  I will drink a water minimum of 5 glasses of water by 5pm each day.
  11. 11. Goals that stretch you Itis good to have goals that requre you to grow and to achieve and may make you a little uncomfortable.
  12. 12. Developing an action plan1. Set a specific realistic goal and write it down.2. List the steps you will take to visualize your goal.3. Identify sources of help and support4. Set a reasonable time frame for achieving your goal5. Evaluate your progress by establishing check points6. Reward yourself for achieving goal
  13. 13. 1. Set a 2. Below list 3. Write 4. Include a 5. What are 6. How willspecific the steps some timeframe some you rewardrealistic you will take sources of below. checkpoints yourselfgoal. Write it to reach help and that will when youdown below. your goal. support (at show your achieve your least 3) progress? goal? 1. Exercise 3 1. Mom (Meal September 1, 1. Sundays at New jeans!Goal: Lose 10 days a week planning) 2012- 5pmpounds by for one hour 2. Alex January 1, (weightloss)January 1 at (Monday, (exercise 2013 2. Increase of10pm. Wednesday, partner) milege when Friday) 3. Dad running. 2. Run with (keeping 3. Increase of Alex once a track of lifiting week weightloss) weights. (Monday) 4. Daily 3. Weigh in food/calorie weekly log (Sundays) 4. Eat desired calorie allotment (carry a food journal) 5. Weight lift 2x a week (Wednesday and Friday)