Critical thinking pp


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Critical thinking pp

  1. 1.  Critical thinking is an integrated way of examining information, ideas, and proposals.
  2. 2.  Being able to question, explore, and deal effectively with yourself, others, and life’s problems Developing your own view of the world Being open to new ideas and willing to analyze issues
  3. 3.  Supporting your personal views with reasons and evidence, while understanding alternative viewpoints. Discussing your ideas with others to test and enrich your thinking.
  4. 4. Testing existing ideas and/or solutions for flaws and errors. Being able to apply logic and make one’s own decisions.
  5. 5.  Identify and describe a problem Discriminate between fact and opinion List possible solutions and their consequences Identify personal and/or family values that conflict with the situation Take a defensible position based on logic
  6. 6.  How do you make personal decisions? Do your make your decisions at the time something happens or ahead of time?
  7. 7.  Is it against the law, my rules or the teachings of my family or religion?
  8. 8.  Is it harmful to me or to others?
  9. 9.  Would it disappoint my family or other adults who are important to me?
  10. 10.  Is it wrong to do?
  11. 11.  Could I be sorry afterward?
  12. 12.  Would I be hurt or upset if someone did this to me?
  13. 13.  Is it within my value system?
  14. 14.  Healthful Ethical Legal Parent approval
  15. 15.  Clearly identify the situation Ask yourself: what decision do I need to make? Who is involved? Am I feeling pressure to make a decision? How much time do I have to decide?
  16. 16.  What are all the possible choices you could make? Remember that sometimes it is appropriate not to take action. Sare your options with parents or guardians, siblings, teachers, or friends. Ask for their advice
  17. 17.  Weigh the consequences of each option. Use the HELP strategy to guide your choices.
  18. 18.  A responsible decision will reflect your values
  19. 19.  Use everything you know at this point to make a responsible decision. You can feel good that you have carefully thought about the situation and your options.
  20. 20.  After you have made the decision and taken action, reflect on what happened. What was the outcome? How did your decision affect your health and the health of those around you? What did you learn? Would you take the same action again? If not, how would our choice differ?