Basics of dating


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Basics of dating

  1. 1. Basics of Dating
  2. 2. Quiz We discussed 8 different types of attractions. Name 4. All 8 gets you extra credit. When do we realize we are attracted to members of the opposite sex? (Not a specific age) In the story we read in class, why was it so frightening for Kevin to call Jessica? What were the 3 goals of refusal? Extra Credit: Share your first crush experience.
  3. 3. Who Would I Date Activity
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  14. 14. Attraction/Qualities Wanted in a Date Appearance Posture Grooming Clothing Selection
  15. 15. Apperance Look your best Remember, people like their dates to look nice, not only for their own visual pleasure, but also because they prefer to be seen with attractive people. This can change depending on your “style” What would you wear on a date?
  16. 16. Posture Posture can communicate self-confidence. If you slump your shoulders, bow your head, and keep your eyes on the floor, you give the impression of wanting to go unnoticed. If you lift your chin, square your shoulders, and walk with pride, others will see you are full of life! In your desks, show me how you would sit on a date.
  17. 17. Grooming Clean hair that is cut and shaped will enhance apperance Good grooming habits help you show you care about yourself. What are some grooming habits you would do before your date?
  18. 18. Clothing Selection “Clothing makes the person” because people often judge you accoriding to the clothes you wear. Different clothes create different images. Proper care of clothing is also important. Dress appropriately for the activity of the date. Do you know the outfit you would wear if you were asked on a date today?
  19. 19. Remember…“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”Remember that different people find different physicalqualities attractive, giving us all lots of opportunity to be attractive, and attracted to others.
  20. 20. Why do we Date?
  21. 21. 3 Purposes of DatingMate SelectionSocialization SkillsRecreation
  22. 22. Positive Dating Characteristics Being concerned with your dates comfort. Being able to carry on a conversation Being able to ask questions Stay attentive to your date Show respect for the other person Be yourself. Be genuine.
  23. 23. Negative Characteristics of Dating Speaking freely of past relationships Being oblivious to the partner’s need. Being unfamiliar with rules of etiquette. Pointing out faults. Dominating the topic. Pretending to know everything.