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Young Learners ELT - Innovations in Technology


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Plenary given 3rd October 2015 at the 1st EFL Young Learners Conference 2015 - Universidad San Sebastian, Santiago, Chile

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Young Learners ELT - Innovations in Technology

  1. 1. Graham Stanley YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies
  2. 2. BRITISH COUNCIL • The British Council is the UK’s official organisation for cultural and educational relations • We are a not-for-profit organisation. • We are present on six continents and over 100 countries, bringing international opportunity to life, every day • English & Exams, Education & Society, and Arts • We promote constant, consistent policy dialogue initiatives, investing in research, events and publications that enable policy makers to make informed decisions across the world.
  3. 3. Case studies Innovations in learning technologies for ELT
  4. 4. CASE STUDY Plan Ceibal English for Primary Ages 9-11 (4th, 5th, 6th grade) Uruguay
  5. 5. Video conferencing or tele-presence equipment YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies
  6. 6. Why not use Skype?
  7. 7. BACKGROUND • Started 2007 with distribution of XO-1 laptops (ceibalitas) • By 2009 Uruguay became first country in world to have given one laptop to every primary school student • No cost wireless Internet connection in all state schools • Fiber optic connections progressively replacing wi-fi •I n 2012 the British Council was selected by Plan Ceibal to project manage Ceibal en Inglés, delivering remote teaching via video conferencing in Uruguayan primary schools. • Because of a lack of trained/qualified English teachers, Ceibal English uses remote teachers (RTs) via video conferencing • After progressive expansions, in 2015 most schools reached – 3,500 remote classes a week to 85,000 children Plan Ceibal
  8. 8. Philippines Uruguay the experience of being a remote teacher Argentina UK
  9. 9. New ways of working
  10. 10. Remote Teaching Centre British Council Buenos Aires New teaching spaces
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Challenge of team teaching at a distance
  13. 13. Coordination Weekly meeting between RT and CT in Spanish Both need to agree on what is going to happen in classes A, B and C CT reports on progress Teachers coordinate via:- • VC • Skype • Telephone • Google hangouts • Whatsapp, SMS, Email
  14. 14. The importance of ‘camera presence’ RT Maria Eugenia New skillset for teachers
  15. 15. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies RT Daisy & CT Omar The importance of teamwork CT Maria Ines Cuadrado CT Andres Amilivia RT Mariela Masuyama
  16. 16. Intercultural communication
  17. 17. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies Supporting teachers
  18. 18. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies Supporting CTs and RTs: face-to-face and online training
  19. 19. Getting the parents involved
  20. 20. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies Sharing student work Between classes
  21. 21. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies Results: Assessment and Evaluation: Adaptive Test 2014 % 26% 30% 40% 3% % 27% 30% 38% 5% A0 A1- A1+ A2- A2+ En % de alumnos que hicieron la prueba Ceibal en Inglés Segundas Lenguas  56% of the Ceibal en Inglés students reached A1 compared to 57% of Segundas Lenguas.  43% of students in both programmes reached A2.
  22. 22. Improvised tele-collaboration
  23. 23. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies Ayat Al-Tawel – Egypt Maria Bossa – Argentina Lower secondary learners 28-30 students 2011 – own laptop guest in each other’s class followed by student-student interviews
  24. 24. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies Quick response reading race Singh, J (2011) AsiaCALL,Gujarat, India
  25. 25. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies
  26. 26. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies
  27. 27. Technologies to support oral skills Voice recorders Video recorders Mobile phones Recording songs Karaoke Story-telling Self-correction Rehearsal before publication
  28. 28. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies ‘how to’ videos for teens
  29. 29. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies
  30. 30. YL ELT Innovations in learning technologies
  31. 31. IWB Definition Example Substitution- Tech. used to perform same task (least effective) as done before using computers T. writes on IWB Augmentation - Tech. used to add value to task T. prepares own IWB flipchart Modification- Tech. has functional improvement T. integrates audio/video Redefinition - Tech. allows for new tasks that T. makes full use of all (most effective) were previously inconceivable interactive features Model developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura: SAMR model for tech. integration
  32. 32. Project work
  33. 33. IWB island
  34. 34. 1) learners create islands in groups 2) scan copies of learners’drawings 3) trace over the scanned drawings using IWB software Procedure
  35. 35. Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow Goal of the game: For the villagers: eliminate the werewolves For the werewolves: eat the villagers
  36. 36. Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow Each night, one villager is devoured by the werewolves During the day they try to hide their identities to avoid being hanged. Each morning the surviving villagers come together and try to discover who the werewolves are.
  37. 37. Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow It’s night and the entire village is sleeping. All players close your eyes The werewolves wake up, Recognise each other and choose a new victim
  38. 38. Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow It’s morning and the village wakes up All players open your eyes The Narrator points out any victims the werewolves ate during the night
  39. 39. Visual Class List Class Dojo
  40. 40. Real world grammar
  41. 41. Learning together online
  42. 42. Word associations /
  43. 43. Developing a story
  44. 44. Instant streaming video -
  45. 45. Thank you! Graham Stanley