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World Connections Climate Change App by Ilisagvik College STEM students


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Students at Ilisagvik College STEM camp present their ideas for citizen science climate change apps. Authors: Ben Hopson, Arianna Passi, Alyssa Granatir, Naasha Tallman

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World Connections Climate Change App by Ilisagvik College STEM students

  1. 1. World Connections By:BenHopson,AriannaPassi, AlyssaGranatir,NaashaTallman
  2. 2. What is World Connections?  World Connections will be a user friendly application that works with citizen science to receive data of about the changing climate while also acting as a fun and helpful app.  How is it fun and helpful? World Connections will incorporate information on what is happening with the world due to Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases, but it will do this by adding a modern twist.  What are the main ideas and points of World Connections? This application will work on issues of HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program), the ice movement, air pollution, and ways to replace or defuse Greenhouse Gases.
  3. 3. What is HAARP and how will this app help?  High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, is a high-powered radio transmission research facility that also researches the ionosphere and is operated by the US Navy, Air Force, and several universities located in Gakona, Alaska—close to Anchorage on the eastern side.  The facility is shooting the sky with energy-rays and leading on chemical trails causing the climate to warm and complications for people living near the area. HAARP is also capable of causing earthquakes.  This app will help with HAARP problems by marking the areas where the HAARP is contaminating the land and air by using social media.
  4. 4. How can it help the ice movement?  World Connections can help with the ice movement by tracking the yearly drifting of ice packs with pictures or using radar; whereas, without this Barrow Whalers can run into ice, be near ice that is too thin, and scientists will not have a tool as convenient as this.  Furthermore, World Connections can help track down new wildlife coming in because of Global Warming and help find stranded people on the ice.
  5. 5. Air Pollution: what?  Air pollution causes holes in the atmosphere to appear, warming the planet.  To help prevent further pollution from happening in the future World Connections will add a camera option that adds a special filter that shows Greenhouse Gases within the air.
  6. 6. More on Air Pollution and Spectrometry  Around the world people are coming up with different types of Spectrometers and one corporation, Public Labs, has come up with a Do it Yourself Spectrometry Kit. Public Labs is a good alternative to World Connections, but is bulkier and cost money.  What is spectrometry? Colored light is a blend of many colors, but with a spectrometer device colors are split apart, such as a prism.
  7. 7. Why are Greenhouse Gases important?  Greenhouse Gases rip holes in the ozone layer of the atmosphere causing the Earth to heat up and changing the climate, so finding ways to prevent this can help everyone worldwide.  How can World Connections help? World Connections will incorporate a game that acts as a puzzle but is actually coming up with new chemical compounds to replace or defuse greenhouse gases; this game will have options to see the players’ score, scores are determined by the amount of compounds you make and can be compared to other players. Carbon Dioxide
  8. 8. To conclude,  Climate Change is a severe problem, but with a simple application problems can be fixed. Thank you for your time.
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