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Mystery PP, 4th Grade

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  1. 1. Mystery Item By: Diana
  2. 2. Clue # 1 It can be found nearly everywhere in the world!
  3. 3. Clue # 2 This mystery item is closely related to mangos.
  4. 4. Clue # 3 Early Europeans intentionally planted this item along embankments intending to have the roots used as support.
  5. 5. Clue # 4 It does not cause an allergic reaction in animals besides humans.
  6. 6. Clue # 5 If you burn firewood with this mystery item on top of it, the smoke from the firewood can send you to the hospital.
  7. 7. Clue# 6 It is a plant.
  8. 8. Clue # 7 You can get an “itch” with only one nanogram of the plant! That is only one billionth of a gram!
  9. 9. Clue # 8 The terrible “itch” can last for 3 weeks.
  10. 10. Clue # 9 It is a MYTH that it can be spread to others.
  11. 11. Clue # 10 This mystery item has three leaves and is often red.
  12. 12. And the Mystery Item is….. POISON IVY! Poison ivy is a 3 leaved plant that can give you an itchy rash with only one touch! However, it is not contagious! I picked poison ivy because it represents the “naturalistic” Multiple intelligence. Although it is not a necessity for nature I believed it was an interesting topic to learn and grow on.
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