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OpenID UX Summit


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A quick history, and button driven sign-in.

Published in: Technology
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OpenID UX Summit

  1. OpenID RP Interfaces A quick history, and button driven sign-in. Brian Ellin
  2. Why OpenID? Sign in using an account you already have. Brian Ellin
  3. Two types of users 1. Those who have heard about OpenID 2. Those that have not * Chris Messina Brian Ellin
  4. The First OpenID UI Identifier driven sign-in * Brian Ellin
  5. User must already have... 1. Heard of OpenID 2. Understand OpenID 3. Have an OpenID 4. Know what URL to type Brian Ellin
  6. While many do succeed, others fail bce123 Brian Ellin
  7. While many succeed, others fail Brian Ellin
  8. While many succeed, others fail friendster Brian Ellin
  9. While many succeed, others fail Hotmail Brian Ellin
  10. While many succeed, others fail elderly Brian Ellin
  11. While many succeed, others fail I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LADY GAAAGGGGAAGAGAGAG Brian Ellin
  12. While many succeed, others fail Brian Ellin
  13. Brian Ellin
  14. Early attempts Help the user figure out OpenID by pattern Brian Ellin
  15. Interactive versions TypePad Brian Ellin
  16. Interactive versions Brian Ellin
  17. Interactive versions comments Brian Ellin
  18. Interactive Versions idselector Brian Ellin
  19. Interactive Versions Clickpass Brian Ellin
  20. Provider driven sign-in Brian Ellin
  21. Leads to provider- choice based interfaces Brian Ellin
  22. Users identify with different brands Example: Interscope Records / AFI Brian Ellin
  23. Uservoice Brian Ellin
  24. Brian Ellin
  25. A choice of providers RPX Plaxo Brian Ellin
  26. That also supports identifier driven sign-in RPX Plaxo Brian Ellin
  27. Challenges facing button driven sign-in • Multiple brand affinities: “I trust Google and Yahoo!” • Unclear which will choice provide the best experience. Brand is king. Brian Ellin
  28. Return user experience Can be optimized by remembering a user’s provider. But, the choice will be lost when switching computers or browsers Brian Ellin
  29. Changing providers on the return visit is bad. Many users do not understand that changing from Google to Yahoo will sign them in to a different account. Brian Ellin
  30. Cannot remove choices X Anyone who has used that provider won’t be able to sign-in again Brian Ellin
  31. Every RP has different needs and a different audience... Brian Ellin