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BCC Research


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Introduction to BCC Research’s Capabilities and Background

Published in: Business, Technology
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BCC Research

  1. 1. Introduction to BCC Research’s Capabilities and Background<br />
  2. 2. Copyright ©BCC Research, Wellesley, MA USA<br />About BCC Research<br />Founded in 1971<br />Corporate Headquarters: Wellesley, MA<br />Over 2000 reports published<br />Over 100 reports published annually in 19 different industries<br />Over 70 research analysts, from 12 different countries<br />
  3. 3. Copyright ©BCC Research, Wellesley, MA USA<br />About Our Analysts<br />Recognized experts in their respective technical fields and markets<br />Have academic credentials and extensive technical and industry experience<br />Have published market studies, books, articles and journals for many years<br />Are members of and active in technical and professional societies relating to their areas of expertise<br />
  4. 4. Copyright ©BCC Research, Wellesley, MA USA<br />About Our Reports<br />Every BCC report:<br />Measures and forecasts the market being researched and all relevant segments of that market<br />Identifies and analyses significant technology and market developments<br />Identifies major opportunities and challenges for market players<br />Analyses industry trends and how trends will affect market growth<br />Profiles important companies<br />
  5. 5. Copyright ©BCC Research, Wellesley, MA USA<br />
  6. 6. Copyright ©BCC Research, Wellesley, MA USA<br />SOME NOTABLE INDIAN CLIENTS FOR BCC RESEARCH<br />
  7. 7. Copyright ©BCC Research, Wellesley, MA USA<br />BCC 19 Key Industries<br /><ul><li>Advanced Materials
  8. 8. Advanced Transportation
  9. 9. Biotechnology
  10. 10. Chemicals
  11. 11. Energy & Resources
  12. 12. Engineering
  13. 13. Environment
  14. 14. Food & Beverage
  15. 15. Fuel Cells & Battery Technologies
  16. 16. Healthcare
  17. 17. Information Technology
  18. 18. Instruments & Sensors
  19. 19. Manufacturing
  20. 20. Membranes & Separation Technology
  21. 21. Nanotechnology
  22. 22. Pharmaceuticals
  23. 23. Plastics
  24. 24. Safety & Security
  25. 25. Semiconductor Manufacturing</li></li></ul><li>Copyright ©BCC Research, Wellesley, MA USA<br />Testimonials<br />&quot;We used many BCC reports to understand several areas of an industry, which represents a new direction for us.  Thanks to the detail, rigor and specificity of those reports we were able to accelerate our learning curve and assess/ pursue both organic and acquisition based growth opportunities.&quot;<br /> Parker Hannifin - Business Development VP<br />“I would like to thank you for both an excellent product as well as the responsive customer support you provide. Our decision to choose BBC Research as our market studies supplier has been an outstanding one. Your extended portfolio allows our company to get the right report at the right moment; the staff is very professional, answer any questions within the day and pleasant to speak with. A key partner for any corporate librarian !”<br /> Leading Chemical Company (privacy requested)<br />“I want to let you know how much we value our annual subscription to BCC Research Reports.  Our employees report how much more effectively they can assess new market ideas and applications, because of the insights and data presented in your market studies.  We’ve downloaded a couple of million dollars worth of reports in the year since our subscription began!  I must not forget to comment on the responsiveness of your customer service department.  Another plus is that we can share BCC reports on our company intranet, thereby encouraging collaboration among different businesses interested in similar end-use markets.  <br />BCC is the best!!”<br /> Leading Manufacturing Company (privacy requested)<br />
  26. 26. Some More…<br />“I highly recommend BCC research especially for those niche companies which are trying to carve out a place under the sun in an <br />intensely competitive environment of high-tech where the devil is in details and the winner takes all or almost nothing. In such <br />markets bits of information when intelligently pieced together and delivered to your doorstep in time are key for strategy <br />planning and implementation. BCC research has helped us to become wiser and maybe to outsmart competitors who don’t use <br />BCC research.”<br />High-tech consultancy in Northern Europe (privacy requested)<br />Copyright ©BCC Research, Wellesley, MA USA<br />
  27. 27. Copyright ©BCC Research, Wellesley, MA USA<br />Contact Information<br />BCC Research<br />35 Walnut St., Suite 100Wellesley, MA 02481<br />Tel: 866-285-7215    Fax: 781-489-7308<br /><br /><br /><br />