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HADSL FirM takes the drudgery out of user identity provisioning and management by automating your business processes and letting you delegate the right tasks to the right people. By automating your processes, onboarding, offboarding and changing users will all be configured correctly, first time, every time. With audit trails and requester / approver workflows you know who did what and with support for SPML and other automated feeds you might not need to load the Admin Client ever again! Automatically manage Traveler mobile devices as well as Active Directory users too!

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bccon-2014 com01 user_identity_management–get_it_right,_first_time,_every_time!

  1. 1. BCCon 2014 Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 Roy and Tony Holder | hadsl   www.hadsl.com How to improve service and security while reducing costs.
  2. 2. Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 What do we do? !2 Automate your Leavers and Joiners processes. Active Directory Synch and User Creation Delegate to Service Desk or HR And much, much more...
  3. 3. Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 Managing Users in IBM Domino The Issues No audit trail No business process around user management No approval mechanism No reporting No Quality of Service data No security (not at a granular level!) The Domino Admin Client is complicated
  4. 4. Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 Managing Users in IBM Lotus Domino The Issues No Integration with Active Directory or Blackberry No automated control for Traveller (coming soon!) No Automation – manual processes lead to errors No way to delegate authority Expensive resources needed for simple tasks Two tier problem resolution Service desk take the call Domino Admins fix the problem
  5. 5. Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 Demo
  6. 6. Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 What does FirM deliver? Timely processing of standard service requests This is critical to Quality Of Service delivery First time resolution of problems Your Service Desk can resolve issues without the need to refer to Domino Admins reducing overhead and time to resolution
  7. 7. Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 What does FirM deliver? Audit and reporting system delivers: Data on the volume of standard service requests This is critical for capacity management Audit capability for compliance Who created / deleted / authorised transactions FSA, SOX etc. require this information Delegation The right resource doing the right task
  8. 8. Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 A Customer Perspective ! ! ! Mr. Paul Mooney Bluewave !8
  9. 9. Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 In Summary… FirM will let you Automate Integrate Control Report Track Delegate And Secure Your user service requests.
  10. 10. Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 In Summary… Which lets you... Reduce costs Manage Quality Of Service Delivery Meet Audit and Compliance Requirements Attain First Time Problem Resolution Deliver Consistent Services So you can get it… Right. First time, every time.
  11. 11. Copyright  ©  HAD  So0ware  Ltd.  2014 Thank you! Any questions?