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Vf100 SRE speech


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SRE speech slide presentation

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Vf100 SRE speech

  1. 1. Introduction About You What Where chiropractic did you is for you studied How long in practice Inducting the speech Intro to get an idea of who you’re talking to (you’ll be surprised) Who has ever heard / or not of chiropractic? Who could tell me what is chiropractic? And what a chiropractor does. Who has ever been to a chiropractor? Develop on that, make it fun, break the ice and show the group if you are surprised about the result of how many know about chiropractic Briefly, what chiropractic is:Do a short chiropractic talk. This could include:Harvey Lillard definition of Chiro hand – practic practice adjustment SBX Innate Inteligence Holistic approachDifference between chiropractic and:Quiropraxia| Osteopathy |Physiotherapy | other health care professions So that is chiropractic in a nutshell
  2. 2. º Chiropractic facts 1. 3rd sanitary profession in the world by number of practitioners. 2. CNN and Money Magazine 2010, listed "Chiropractor" 14th among the Top 50 Best Jobs in America, while the Wall Street Journal ranked it 56th out of the 200 top jobs, based on such factors as environment, income, and employment outlook. Source: CNN and Money Magazine (2010), Wall Street Journal (2010) 3. Chiropractic offices ranked second in Forbes 2010 ranking of the 20 most profitable small businesses. Source: Forbes (2010). 4. Chiropractic ranked number 10 for least stressful jobs by BNET, a hub of the CBS Interactive Business Network. Source: (2011). 5. The chiropractic profession is expected to grow by 20 percent - or about 10,000 DCs - by 2018. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010) 6. According to Chiropractic Economics, in 2010 the average gross billings of a chiropractor was $541,396 and the average gross collections was $323,421. Source: Chiropractic Economics (2010) 7. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts the profession will grow faster than the estimated average for all professions through 2012. Source: U.S. Department of Labor (2010) The why: Why would you study chiropractic? What is so special about chiropractic? Chiropractic is one of these professions that people know very little about if they ever heard of it all? It is one of these little jewels. I like to say, as far as a career, because when you discover what it is, if it is within your line of interest, meaning health and helping people, you can’t take your mind off it. Can you imagine being able to help a person, friend or family suffering from an H/A, dizziness, some type of pain, fatigue, uneasiness or many more discomfort while you are on the street, on vacation, in a plane at a restaurant, meaning you don’t need anything else than your hands and a chair probably.Have you ever thought that the body could be helped with simple, fast yet specific intervention that is none invasive, safe and where you just need these 2 things: your hand? A job where you feel very rewarded and have the pleasure of being able to help people with their health issues, being asked for your advises and help. Lots of opportunity in Europe, the profession being underdeveloped
  3. 3. REASONS WHY I STARTED CHIROPRACTIC WAS I could practice easily in any country I wanted, I chose Spain. I was going to be my own boss I could help people with a natural method I was entering a career with a lot of opportunities as chiropractic was literally unknown in Europe 20 year ago and is still as compared to other mainstream careers Wanted to do something different, unknown at the timeSo what is the situation of Chiropractic in Europe and the world? & how does it help you if you want to study chiropractic :There is a huge potential in European market: 1. less than 5000DC for 2. more than 700M inhabitant in Europe!! Now that is one factor that is worth a lot consideration.I’ll give you an exemple: Country Population DCs CHab/DCIn a mature market: 2010 US 308.745.538 52.046 5.932 US, Canada, Aussie, Kiwi 2006 Canada 31.612.897 6.660 4.747 2006 New Zeland 4.116.900 255 16.145 2006 Australia 20.848.760 2.488 8.380In Europe: Country Population DCs CHab/DC France 64.304.500 600 107.174 UK 62.262.000 3.611 17.242 Italy 60.642.368 200 303.212 Spain 47.190.493 186 253.712
  4. 4. WHO YOU NEED TO BE IN ORDER TO BE A CHIROPRACTORA Chiropractor likes to work with people you have to have a heart and a sense of giving and helping. Sense of pioneering and like to be or do something different that is not mainstream. Health related science Helping people Natural health Good communicator HumanitarianNeed to feel comfortable to be your own boss (sense of leadership) which is very different from working as an employee, or within a multinational structure BCC requirements What do you need in order to get in Language: Completed Students are Computersecondary/high expected to Interview - The Knowledge - In school have a high level admission all cases, education: of knowledge of process will be applicants must preferably at least one of concluded with have user-level science based the two a personal knowledge of (Biology or languages and interview. computers. Chemistry) basic knowledge of the other.
  5. 5. The BCC: Assets> The program • 5 year program  BASIC SCIENCES (anatomy, physiology, neurology, histology etc)  CLINICAL SCIENCES (pathology, neuropathology, Diagnosis, imaging: RX, MRI  CLINICAL APPLICATION OR INTERNSHIP: 2y - Bilingual: English and Spanish - Personal Development: graduates who are competent, independent and critically reflective and analytical - Universities associated with BCC: Pompeu Fabra & UAB - Progressive teaching and learning strategy: students become less teacher dependant. Bologna compliance for all the Universities in Europe - Research: scientific method, investigation and evidence-based practice. - Clinical Experience: to observe and interact with experienced chiropractors caring for patients> The school • Pompeu Fabra: ranked 1st University in Spain where classes are being held  You graduate with a Master in Quiropractic given by Pompeu Fabra - UAB (ranked 2nd University in Spain) where dissection is done> Student Characteristics  15 nationalities: o 57% International students: 14 countries over the world o 43% Spanish  Diversification of ages: o 57% between 17 - 25 o 30% between 26 – 35 o 13% over 36ConclusionI invite you to visit the BCCI invite you to come and visit our office if you want to see what you do in real life.There is a signup sheet (potential student sheet) for people who might consider chiropractic as acareer. PLZ fill in your name here and we’ll send the information to the BCC and they will get back toyou within a week.Bring: Sbx model and spine, Poster of nervous system, Brochure of BCC program, Potential studentsignup sheet, Roll up