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VF100 SRE connect BCC


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VF100 How-to.

SRE put in contact student candidates to BCC. 7 steps to follow.

Contact person is Mercedes Fernández, BCC Student Coordinator.

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VF100 SRE connect BCC

  1. 1. VF100 VF100 H H o o w w t t o o PUT POTENTIAL STUDENTS IN TOUCH WITH THE BCC STEPS TO FOLLOW DURING AND AFTER YOUR SRE • When you close your SRE, have all interested potential students sign in and leave their contact details (see attached “potential student contact sheet”).1 • Make sure that their handwriting is legible. Verbally confirm their contact info with them before they leave.2 • Tell all potential students that you will be passing their contact details on to Mercedes at the BCC and she will get into contact with them within 1 week.3 • If students have difficult questions (specifics on admission requirements, etc) make sure to get their contact details and follow step 3.4 • Make sure all potential students get a BCC brochure with the phone number and email for the BCC before they leave.5 • Once the “potential student contact sheet” has been completed, send it the same day to: •scanned and emailed to: (Student Coordinator)6 •or faxed to (+34) 93.542.2818 • Either way, make sure to call after and make sure that she has received your email or fax. Telephone: (+34) 935.422. 8227