Innovative Ideas Project


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Using Tumblr for a youth animal advocacy page for a fictional animal welfare library

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Innovative Ideas Project

  1. 1. TumblrInnovative Ideas Project: Using tumblr for teen interaction, brainstorming, andpromotion of animal welfare advocacy.Lisa Patrick
  2. 2. Why Tumblr?• Tumblr is blogging platform that combines micro- blogging, image and video sharing, and social networking.• Content can be created but it can also be reblogged or shared from other tumblr blogs.• Content is usually found through the sites you follow or by using social tags.• Users interact using likes, reblogs, notes, comments, and sharing through other social networking sites.• Tumblr is very popular with teens and young adults so the content can be aimed at those audiences.• Tumblr content tends to be visual or small written quotations which are easy for users to like or reblog to their own tumblrs.
  3. 3. Features:• The following slides highlight some of the tumblr features used to create a highly interactive blog that allows users to share, create, and promote ideas of how they can work for animal welfare.• Here is the Animal Welfare Library’s tumblr:
  4. 4. Built in themes that are easy to use and dramatically change the look of the site. I chose to use a simple theme to highlight the images and video.
  5. 5. Turn on the Ask are to allow users to send questions that you can answer in a post. Use the Submission area to allow people tocreate and submit their own idea that you can share on your site.
  6. 6. This is what the submit area looks like to users. They can post text, video, images, or quotes. The posts can be accepted or rejected by the site moderator.
  7. 7. When someone sends in an ask or submission it will come to your inbox like this.
  8. 8. When you answer the question it is automatically posted on your page for everyone to see.
  9. 9. You can follow tags related to your subject or site
  10. 10. Tags can be added when you post or reblog a post.
  11. 11. Tag your posts and reblogs so others can find them. This wayusers can find this post by the type of animals they are interestedin or the type of activity (in this case a petition) that they want to do.
  12. 12. Tumblr can has built in aggregators and plugins. The twitteroption posts the latest tweets and gives you the option to tweet when you post something new to the tumblr.
  13. 13. Conclusion.• Overall tumblr is very easy to use and very customizable.• Tumblrs work best when they are very interactive and full of visual or easy to read information.• Tumblr is a good tool for a youth focused advocacy page because it is interactive, visual, and allows users to easily send in an idea or share it with their friends.