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Put a QR Code on it! How Non Profits Can Use QR Codes


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A look how Non Profit organizations can use QR codes to build awareness, fundraise, expand social reach, and so forth.

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Put a QR Code on it! How Non Profits Can Use QR Codes

  1. 1. Put a QR code on it! How Non Profits Can Use QR Codes Twitter @NolandHoshino
  2. 2. Interactive presentation• Participate scan• Ask questions• Scan QR codes on slides• If you want a specific slide, scan upper QR code
  3. 3. What are QR Codes ? Quick Response (QR) codes are two- dimensional barcodes that hold small bits of data Transporting users from printed materials to mobile sites or a specific call to action, involving information capture, promotional opt-in, etc.
  4. 4. Where did it come from?QR code was originallyused to track vehicleparts in vehiclemanufacturing by theJapanese in 1994
  5. 5. Surprise inside Event Vcalendar Website URL Links to Social Phone # Contact Vcard Email Message Text Email Address SMS Message
  6. 6. Put a QR code on it Business cards Brochures and other marketing materials Contact website page Product tags and packaging Convention and event nametags Press releases Event ticket stubs Point-of-sale receipts
  7. 7. Let’s get started iPhone Kaywa Tag Reader QR Code and 2D NeoReader Code Generator Maestro Android QR Stuff QuickMark Barcode Scanner Delivr SnapMaze Blackberry Raco QR Code Scanner Pro QReate & Track ScanLifeSmartphone Free Barcode Reader QR Code Generator
  8. 8. Point and scan
  9. 9. Heifer International Portland Challenge: Portland is a very eco-friendly city – not many people like taking print Goal: Get Heifer International mission into people’s hands Idea: QR Codes with information linking to org website and donation page
  10. 10. Heifer International PortlandQR code Donation Page Scan to
  11. 11. Heifer International Portland QR code Facebook
  12. 12. Heifer International PortlandShow your support Send a TweetTweet
  13. 13. Heifer International Portland SMS text Friends and FamilyHelp endhunger andpoverty – “PassOn the Gift” Scan to send text
  14. 14. Heifer International PortlandUse QR code for directions to the organization or meetings Find us
  15. 15. Awareness campaign Poster
  16. 16. Petition campaign
  17. 17. Educational games
  18. 18. Advocacy campaign
  19. 19. Email list campaignScan QR code and exchange your contact information for free ice cream
  20. 20. Giving treeLink QR code to a personal video or story of the person receiving the gift
  21. 21. Library books QR codes on library books with brief descriptionPhoto by Chris Martin Studios Photo by Chris Martin Studios
  22. 22. Summary QR codes are … • Free, easy to create and measurable • Bridges the gap between offline and online • Increases cause and donor engagement • Targets younger demographics (under 35) • Flexible to changes • Saves on printing costs • Unlimited – Be creative!Photo by Chris Martin Studios Photo by Chris Martin Studios
  23. 23. Contact me Noland Hoshino Twitter @NolandHoshino Email