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Conflict in naswa


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Conflict in naswa

  1. 1. A Region of Conflict Issues in North Africa and the Middle East World Geography Unit 8, Lesson 4©2012, TESCCC
  2. 2. Reasons for Conflict©2012, TESCCC
  3. 3. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict • 1948 the state of Israel was created through a United Nations charter • War with Arabs nations followed immediately • 1967 Israel takes control of Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza strip at the end of the Six-Day War • 1974- The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is recognized by the UN as the legitimate representative of the Palestinians • 1978 Camp David Accords set up Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank • 1978 First Palestinian Intifada (resistance movement, ended in stalemate) • 1993 Oslo Accords allow Palestinians to establish self-rule in West Bank and Gaza Strip • 2001 election of Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister (waged battle against terror groups) • 2003 Israel starts building a fence along the West Bank • 2004 Yasser Arafat dies (leader of PLO) • 2012- Peace talks end without progress©2012, TESCCC
  4. 4. A refugee camp in Israel©2012, TESCCC
  5. 5. ©2012, TESCCC
  6. 6. SUEZ CANAL
  8. 8. Water Issues Conflicts over Natural Resources  Water is the most important natural resource and the most likely to cause conflict in the future  The Dead Sea is evaporating and shrinking  Land rights and aquifers (North Africa)  Distributing the waters of the Nile- areas outside of Egypt (Aswan High Dam)©2012, TESCCC
  9. 9. Oil Wealth  War- Desert Storm (Kuwait)  Effects of Modernization (desalinization)  Industrialization (malls, airports, land reclamation)©2012, TESCCC
  10. 10. Israel and Palestine
  11. 11. Write a paragraph In 3-5 sentences explain why conflict exists between Israel and Palestine (culture, religion, power, control, broken promises, etc. )