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Business Models for WordPress Designers & Developers


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Published in: Technology, Business
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    Mark Simon
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  • Worth of a knowledge for business models in wordpress developement.. keeping in mind that its a mandatory study for those who loves wordpress.. thanks for sharing mate!

    Kevin Peterson
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Business Models for WordPress Designers & Developers

  1. 1. Business Models forWordPress Designers & DevelopersBrian
  2. 2. Brian Casel @CasJam
  3. 3. WordPress Market Share % of all websites using a CMS Market Share 60 55% 45 30 14% 15 10% 6.2% 2.7% 1.6% 0@CasJam, July 2011
  4. 4. Building a Business Around WordPress Freelance Agency Products Hosting Content@CasJam
  5. 5. Freelancing • Time-based model (even if you use flat fees) • Raising rates • Specializing in WordPress • Competition a non-issue (imo)
  6. 6. Freelancing: Niche Services WordPress Setup Subcontracting Full Service Custom & Theme Tweaking Specialized Services Web Design (with WP) • New to freelancing • Focus your energy on your • Larger budget projects. and/or web design core expertise. • Less, longer, larger • Lower fees, higher • Attract clients with higher projects. quantity. budgets. • Clients are site owners. • Tap into themes market • Clients are other web pro’s for clients. who “speak the language.” • More project management. • Specialize with a particular theme provider.@CasJam
  7. 7. Agency • From freelancer to agency owner... From “technician” to “manager”. • Time-based model, multiplied by staff. • Superior deliverables when created by a team of specialists. • Look to the WordPress community for new hires.@CasJam
  8. 8. Products • Proven market for WordPress products. • Revenue is detached from time... to an extent. • Avenues for scalable growth. • Customer support is a requirement.@CasJam
  9. 9. Products: Different Ways To Sell Independent E-Commerce Marketplaces • Heavy competition • Focus on your products, not much else. • Extensive startup time • High traffic exposure. • The costs and profits are all yours. • Profits are not all yours. • Good for building a brand • Limited control over pricing, marketing, etc.@CasJam
  10. 10. Hosting • Specialized WordPress web hosting. • Requirements: Server tech expertise, investment in infrastructure, 24/7 support. • Powerful recurring revenue model.@CasJam
  11. 11. Content • Abundance of content makes the WordPress community great. • News, tutorials, podcasts, e-books, books... • Multiple revenue options: advertising, product launches, premium content • Significant time investment. Delayed ROI.@CasJam
  12. 12. Business Models forWordPress Designers & DevelopersBrian