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Tech-Smart Parents and Preschoolers
There's plenty of focus on safety for teens and pre-teens online. But what about the youngest techies? Did you know that over 6% of kids in the US have social network profile... at birth! How do online technologies effect preschoolers? We’ll talk about: your home computer, tablets and smartphones, web surfing, games and social networks. This talk is for digital natives, digital immigrants, parents, or anyone who would like to learn more about these technologies!

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  • Slides at Handouts at
  • B early 1990
  • Digital Natives have different views on privacy
  • differences and similarities with older kids what they do and when they do it gets "younger" all the time - cell phones at school example there's a bunch of "older" stuff to discuss but that's for another time
  • 2 biggest dangers: parents posting too much; screen time instead of active time!
  • Could this lead to younger identity theft?
  • Maryland -
  • Foursquare, google latitude, pleaserobme
  • Not anti-bullying, but pro-hero
  • April 2012 -
  • Kids have also made fake or accidental calls to 911
  • Slides at Handouts at
  • Tech smart preschool parent 2 13

    1. 1. Tech- Smart Parents and PreschoolersBarry Caplin Prior Lake - SavageChief Information Security Officer Early ChildhoodMinnesota Department of Human Services Family, Feb. 2, 2013@bcaplin, +barrycaplin, *bcaplin Slides at Handouts at
    2. 2. Interactive• Please… ask questions!• Please… answer questions!
    3. 3. Disclaimer I’m still figuring out thisParenting thing also…
    4. 4. So much haschange d
    5. 5. Digital Natives will soon be parents
    6. 6. Stuf f“saf ety” newbornsPrivacy toddlerstechnolog preschooly ers
    7. 7. “saf ety” – many preschoolers don’t interact with others onlinePrivacy – parents must know what info they give away
    8. 8. DangersStranger/Non-stranger dangerPrivacy/identity issuesHealth/lack of exercise perhaps the biggest issue!
    9. 9. “Digital Birth”Online sonograms, pregnancy tweetsBirth photos6% of newborns have an email address; 6% social network profile>90% have online presence by age 2 in USAve. “digital birth” age 6 mos.; 1/3 at birth
    10. 10. Newborns and screensScreens distract parents!Screens distract babies!Your voice is interactive – online/TV voice is less soOnline/TV sound can cause stressTV commercials are often loud from The Mediatrician
    11. 11. Awesome free infant and toddler games and activities at
    12. 12. Tips f or Internet UseFromKeep devices centralized and supervise useTalk about games and sitesUse parental control softwareScreens are not a babysitter – play together
    13. 13. P School Saf ety re-
    14. 14. Tips f or Internet UseTalk about keeping personal info private – what goes on the web, stays on the webDon’t use real names, other info, on sitesTalk about online strangers like real worldLimit screen useMonitor screen useSpend time online together
    15. 15. Tech – P saf ety CKrebs 3 Rules for Safety:1.If you didn’t go looking for it, don’t installit;2.If you installed, update it;3.If you no longer need it, get rid of it! Go to this web page and do what they say!
    16. 16. GeolocationThe world knows• Where you are• Where you are not
    17. 17. The ‘Net Never Forgets• Anything posted remains for a long time• Caching/Archiving• Who else might view your info?: – Neighbors – Acquaintances – Future: school officials, job interviews, college admissions officials
    18. 18. Reputation Management• Remove or untag pictures• Ask friends/others to do the same• Limit info on public profilesFor Parents and older kids:••• Blog
    19. 19. Reputation ManagementFor Parents and older kids:•Get involved - generate good publicity•Don’t get into online arguments (andif you do… drop it!)•You may need professional help(technical… not the other kind)
    20. 20. What to Do?Handouts• Resources for Parents of Pre-schoolers• Parental Tools
    21. 21. Bullying – Old School• Physical – schoolyard, hallway, locker room, bathroom• Verbal – rumors, taunting• Written – notes, wallsDon’t share your locker combo!
    22. 22. Online Bullying – New School• Supplements the “old fashioned” kind• Available 24x7• Victims won’t tell – don’t want access cut offDon’t share your password!
    23. 23. What to do…Educate your kids – To respect others – To take a stand – To not respond to cyberbulliesCommunicate – Be the trusted resourceNo “catch-all” fix – but many resources
    24. 24. Cell Phones• They’re everywhere!• Special phones/plans for younger kids• Calls, texting, pictures, video, games, apps, music, Internet…• Internet access is truly mobile!• Harder to know what they’re doing• Cell data services $$$
    25. 25. Cell Phones
    26. 26. Other good ideasCell phone as a baby monitor – 2 phones and … free m2m minutesAlarm for transition timesMaintain up-t0-date photos – daily when away from homeTeach phone etiquette – it could save your life!
    27. 27. What to Do?Handouts• Top 12 Tips for Cell Phones and Kids• PC protection tools• Safe Web Surfing tips
    28. 28. Discussion?Slides at at, @bcaplin, +barrycaplin, *,