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Ball's Flourish "magalog" offers garden centers a pallette of plants (annuals, perennials, ornamentals, tropical, mums and more) categorized by use within your retail setting.

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  1. 1. CALIBRACHOA: Colorful blooms and tons of them. Calibrachoa has one of the highest sell-through rates of any garden plant. The new Can-Can series includes the most unique colors available. Don’t forget to hang calibrachoa baskets in high-traffic spots to maximize sales. TIP: Go bigger than usual and charge for it! Can-Can ® Terracotta Calibrachoa
  2. 2. DELPHINIUM: Blue flowers draw customers. Gardeners love blue flowers and will pay a premium for them. “ Spurless” flowers actually look up instead of down, encouraging the sale. A premium item when sold with blooms in one-gallon and larger pots. Diamonds Blue Delphinium TIP: Put some into decorative pots for grab-and-go sales.
  3. 3. ANGELONIA: WOW color beats the heat. Angelonia’s unique, dainty blooms are some of the toughest around. Angelonia thrives in even the hottest weather, creating a mass of color. Serena and AngelMist angelonia are two of your top picks for summer promotions. AngelMist ® Purple Stripe Angelonia Serena ® Angelonia TIP: Make angelonia a “staff pick” to inspire confidence.
  4. 4. GOMPHRENA: A sure bet in home landscapes. Perfect for your display beds. Hot pink flowers tipped with bright yellow grab consumer attention. This landscape superstar is vigorous and drought-tolerant. Fireworks Gomphrena TIP: Six-inch and larger pots really encourage retail flower power.
  5. 5. Versa™ Burgundy to Green Coleus Versa™ Rose to Lime Coleus Blazin’ Rose & Blazin’ Lime Iresine
  6. 6. PETUNIA Debonair and Sophistica petunias feature never-seen-before colors. Dusty rose tones and lime bicolors are perfect for “garden decorators”. Excellent garden performance was recorded at field trials across North America. They’re profitable items for your premium annual department. Debonair Dusty Rose Petunia Phantom Petunia Soleil Petunia Phantom Petunia Black Velvet Petunia TIP: Promote unique colors by placing them in prime locations in your annuals department.
  7. 7. Fiesta™ Sparkler Orange Double Impatiens FIESTA DOUBLE IMPATIENS: SHOW-STOPPING BLOOMS Elegant, rose-like blooms for the shade. Nearly 20 solids and bicolors in the series means there’s something for everyone. Ideal premium annuals for your high-traffic areas. TIP: Offer a variety of sizes – gallons and larger deco pots create high perceived value.
  8. 8. Zahara ® Mix Zinnia ZAHARA ZINNIAS: BIGGER BLOOMS, BRIGHTER COLORS 20% bigger flowers that shout “Buy me!” 2010 All-America Selections award-winning Starlight Rose captures attention. Vibrant six-color series sends customers straight to your register. Double Zahara™ Cherry & Fire Zinnia TIP: Promote their disease-tolerance and low-care personality.
  9. 9. Matrix ® Pansy MATRIX PANSIES: CONSISTENTLY BEAUTIFUL Better branching and less stretch = reduced shrink. 20 colors and more than a dozen designer mixes make a complete program. Matrix creates an opportunity to wow your customers on the shoulders of the peak season. Taishan ® Gold African Marigold TIP: Try color blocking pansies or huge retail impact.
  10. 10. Titan Vinca: Performance for all landscapes. Titan has won field trial awards from north to south and east to west. Titan has proven itself a warrior in the landscape. When the temps go up, it just keeps producing the largest vinca flowers on the market. Soleil Petunia: Thrives on one glass of water a week. This is not your typical petunia. Soleil is tough enough to promote alongside your succulents. Soleil rewards lazy gardeners with a show of small pink blooms when stressed. TIP: Group your selection of low-water-needs plants to encourage multiple-unit sales. Titan™ Bubble Gum Mix Vinca Soleil Petunia Mediterranean Peach XP & White Trailing Vinca
  11. 11. PowWow™ White Echinacea Mystic Spires Blue Salvia Voltage™ Yellow Osteospermum
  12. 12. TIP: Create a shade garden destination in your store – more than just a “Shade” sign. Include every- thing you sell that performs well in the shade – annuals, perennials and ornamental trees and shrubs. Fusion ™ Peach Frost Patchwork ™ Peach Prism Fusion™ Impatiens: THE tropical look for shade gardens. The first yellow impatiens on the market. Fun, tropical-looking flowers attract garden decorators. Fusion combines non-stop blooming with heat and humidity tolerance. Patchwork™ Impatiens: High-impact shade baskets and patio pots. Huge blooms and dark green foliage are showstoppers in baskets. Patchwork spreads and trailing up to two feet. This shade-lover produces one-of-a-kind flowers all season long.
  13. 13. Dazzler ® Red Impatiens Fusion ™ Glow Fiesta ™ Sunrise Red Double Impatiens Impreza ™ Watercolor Mix Impatiens
  14. 14. Coleus: Awesome varieties for shade and sun. Coleus offers some of the most unique color palettes of any plant. The newest varieties of coleus attract the most attention at retail. Stay on the leading edge with Henna, Redhead and Electric Lime. Henna Coleus Electric Lime ® Coleus Redhead Coleus TIP: Display beds and premade designer combos will help inspire your customers to get creative with unique foliage varieties.
  15. 15. Purple Baron Ornamental Millet: Replace the Spike! Ornamental millet grows up to 3 feet tall. Purple Baron adds pizzazz to any sun-loving mixed combination. Dark purple leaves and thick plumes appeal to gardeners in search of something different. Purple Baron Ornamental Millet
  16. 16. Twisted Arrows Juncus Twisted Dart ® Juncus Blue Chalk Senecio
  17. 17. Breathless ® Blush & White Euphorbia Verde and Limón Talinum
  18. 18. Purple Knight Alternanthera Trusty Rusty Coleus Silver Falls Dichondra Fanfare ® Spreading Impatiens Super Elfin ® Impatiens Lucky ™ Lantana Aztec ® Verbena Super Elfin ® Impatiens
  19. 19. Aztec ® Verbena Lucky ™ Lantana Fanfare ® Spreading Impatiens Purple Knight Alternanthera
  20. 20. Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper Black Pearl creates tons of visual interest to containers and garden beds. Consumers love the cool little glossy black peppers. It’s an All-America Selections winner so you know it is going to perform. Black Pearl Purple Flash
  21. 21. Lim ón Talinum Lime green plants are trendy. Talinum Limón is extremely tough, thriving in heat and drought. Limón also serves double duty as a fun fresh or dried garden cut flower. Limón Talinum
  22. 22. Spilanthes Peek-A-Boo The olive-shaped, golden yellow flowers look a lot like little eyeballs – kids love them! Spilanthes is becoming a gourmet edible, creating a numbing sensation that feels like electricity in your mouth. Give it a try! Peek-A-Boo Spilanthes
  23. 23. The Fantastic Foliage Line-up Low-Growing Maracas Brazilian Fireworks Emerald Falls & Silver Falls Dichondra Silver Mist Helichrysum Purple Lady Iresine Emerald Lace Plectranthus Mid-Height Royal Tapestry Alternanthera Gryphon Begonia Chocolate Mint & Chocolate Splash Coleus Black Pearl, Calico & Purple Flash Ornamental Pepper Silver Crest Plectranthus Peek-A-Boo Spilanthes Tall Purple Knight Alternanthera Dark Chocolate & Kong Coleus Jester & Purple Majesty Ornamental Millet Silver Shield Plectranthus Lim ón & Verde Talinum Black Pearl
  24. 24. PowWow ™ Wild Berry Echinacea: Flower power for every garden. Echinacea is a “top five” perennial. PowWow brings an abundance of flowers, drought tolerance and exceptional tidiness to the table. 2010 All-America Selections winner Wild Berry for its terrific, non-fading color show. PowWow ™ Wild Berry Echinacea
  25. 25. Blue Note Scabiosa: Creating blue borders. Intense blue blooms highlight this compact new introduction. Blue Note is ideal for perennial borders, as well as mass plantings. This first-year flowering perennial can also be finished quickly for spring and summer sales. Blue Note Scabiosa TIP: Install plenty of perennials in your display gardens, and be sure to label each plant so your customers can easily find them in your perennial department.
  26. 26. Big Top Gold Heuchera: Impressive garden display. This three-color series has the largest leaves and largest blooms on the market. Big Top shows cream-colored flowers from April to May and foliage as big as 8 inches. Perfect for display beds showing customers their amazing attributes. Big Top Gold Heuchera
  27. 27. Expression Hydrangea: Double Flowers stand at attention. This reblooming variety has double pink-to-blue mophead flowers that stay upright . With deadheading, Expression will rebloom in the summer and fall. Double Delights ™ Expression Hydrangea
  28. 28. Flutterby Petite Butterfly Bush: The FIRST series of groundcover buddleia. This low-water-needs series is remarkable in small garden spaces. Sunshine Daydream Abelia: Limitless uses for garden designers. Neat growth habit and orange/red/bronze foliage under white-to-pink flowers draw attention. Sunshine Daydream is perfect for gardeners of all skill levels. Attracts butterflies and works well in container gardens, patio pots and as a foundation plant. Flutterby Petite ™ Blue Heaven Buddleia Sunshine Daydream Abelia
  29. 29. Mona Lavender Plectranthus: The ultimate garden mum companion. Fuzzy, dark foliage and orchid-like mini purple blooms looks excellent in the Fall. Mona Lavender is perfect for large pots and baskets. The upright habit also makes this plant a fun component in Fall combinations. Mona Lavender Plectranthus TIP: Advertise these products and encourage customers to make ANOTHER trip to your store each year.
  30. 30. Voltage™ Yellow Osteospermum: THE cure for Spring fever. It’s a bright yellow, daisy-shaped flower that can be sold when the weather is still cool. Voltage Yellow is the first osteo in bloom and the last out of bloom. It’s traditional flower appearance inspires confidence. Voltage Yellow Osteospermum Plentifall Lavender Blue Trailing Pansy
  31. 31. Shock Wave ® Denim Spreading Petunia Easy Wave ® Opposites Attract Mix Spreading Petunia
  32. 32. Sorbet ® Yellow Blotch & Blue Blotch XP Viola Matrix Coastal Sunrise Mix Pansy
  33. 33. Juliet ™ Orange Diascia Romeo ™ Bright Pink Basket Diascia
  34. 34. Five Alarm Red One of the first mums to flower in the fall Huge, vivid red blooms Flowers last longer than any of the other early red Sparkle White As white as freshly fallen snow Perfect in 8-inch and smaller containers Sundance Yellow Perhaps the best plant habit in our line-up Uniform, ball-shaped plants Blooms with hundreds of long-lasting, super-bright flowers With more than 30 years experience working with garden mums, Ball’s mum expert ED HIGGINS knows what he’s talking about. Here are his top mum picks for independent garden centers. Sparkle White Five Alarm Red Sundance Yellow
  35. 35. Sunset Orange Vivid two-tone flower color (dark red-orange in the center and orange outer petal color) Grows into a perfect ball-shaped plant with great color Perfectly Pink Unique, two-tone coral-pink flower color Novel and eye-catching look at retail Mid-season variety with large flowers Sunset Orange Perfectly Pink
  36. 36. Candlelight White Flamingo Pink Bedazzled Bronze Goldmine Yellow Venus Purple
  37. 37. Spotlight on Gerbera The ULTIMATE Impulse Item. TIP: If you want customers to give potted plants as gifts, upgrade the green or black plastic pot with a decorative sleeve and add a gift tag. Mega Revolution ™ Revolution ™ Mini Revolution ™ Micro Revolution ™
  38. 38. Colocasia Maui Magic Maui Magic grows up to four feet tall with shiny burgundy foliage. It creates drama in large mixed combination and by itself in patio pots. Sell Maui Magic in gallons and larger pots for instant gratification. TIP: Try decorating your outdoor furniture area with some of these hot picks. You will no doubt sell more of both. Coal Miner Colocasia Maui Magic Colocasia
  39. 39. Nor-East Miniature Roses True miniature roses are popular due to their hardiness, versatility and long life. These long-lasting beauties grow up to 30 inches. Magic Carousel Rose
  40. 40. Canna Tropical Bronze Scarlet Vivid scarlet flowers contrast beautifully with dark foliage Grows up to 30 inches – perfect in the center of a large combo Looks great at retail in 6 inch pots – but even better in gallons Tropical Bronze Scarlet Canna