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hiogi provides the world´s most innovative Q&A solution where customer help each other. It offers much more than a forum:
- mobile question channels
- quality assurance mechanisms
- clean content generation (crowd sourced)
- community features
- CRM and Call-Centre interfaces
- SEO and semantic tools

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Customer Involvement Platform By Hiogi 20090421

  1. 1. Does anyone know how I can do skype out calls from my new iphones to a Brazilian number? Thanks for any hint! Bernhard Customer involvement platform with mobile features and FAQ engine Berlin, 21st April 2009 | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 1 |
  2. 2. Please answer the following questions with YES or NO Please ask yourself: 1. Do you want to lower your support costs? ______ 2. Does the relevance of your FAQs need improvement? ______ 3. Would you like to learn more about the needs and problems of your customers? ______ 4. Should customers get more involved? ______ 5. Would you like to leverage mobile technologies as additonal support channels? ______ 6. Could you use valuable content to improve the SEO of your website? ______ ⇒ In case you answered at least 3 questions with YES, please read on! | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 2 |
  3. 3. Basic principal of a Customer Involvement Platform hiogi offers leading solutions around mobile answers based on a clever web-based community application including semantic content management. Based on our modular and multi-lingual application we offer whitelabled B2B-licenses for customer involvement platfroms (CIPs) with a self-building FAQ area. eco Internet Award 2008 Mobile Financial Times „Founder of the Week“ Among top 50 Start-ups at 3. winner of Netbiscuit Contest | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 3 |
  4. 4. Summary and benefits for your company CIP Solution: • hiogi will setup a Customer Involvement Platform (CIP) in order to get your clients more involved. • clients ask questions on the web or directly from their mobile phone regarding any topic and receive advice from other clients. Get answers… Benefits for company: • Add innovative mobile Q&A channels like SMS, IM, Email, WAP to your support. • Your company could be a innovative first mover among competitors. Another client might know • Your company could increase FAQ relevance & strengthen the brand. the answer for you. • Clients learn from each other in a joined effort. • Clients can easily access knowledge in an innovative way. We help each other! • A fun answering module drags clients to your website. • All Q&As are being stored in a growing knowledge archive, which generates interesting tag clouds, FAQs and metatags. • Your department heads get insights into the topics that clients really deal with and areas for improvement / training. Please try it and text any question to +49 176 888 66 000 … it is free! You can follow the unique answer process online on /.com in real-time! | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 4 |
  5. 5. Clients send all their questions and receive timely answers by other clients QUALITY ASSURANCE OF ANSWERS: 1. 4-eye-principle eye- 2. Feedbacksystem 3. Blacklist- Blacklist-Filter 4. Report-violation- Report-violation- system 5. hiogi-Supervisor hiogi- • The whole system is optimized for quick and highly accurate answers. • A quality assurance process with four levels ensures “clean” content. • In contrast to common forum solutions the hiogi system focuses short and precise answers. • User get addicted by the excitement of hiogi answer battles and the real-time action. | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 5 |
  6. 6. hiogi implements a Customer Involvement Platform (CIP) optimized according to your specifications • We integrate our modules seamless into your website or support environment. • We use your look&feel. • We setup dedicated and secure servers and databases for your CIP complying with the highest SLA standards. • Please see checklist in addendum. | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 6 |
  7. 7. hiogi ads complementary mobile features to any online forum or web-based Q&A area Criteria Forum hiogi Users have to accept strict terms & guidelines during sign-up process Users have to register with username, email, MSISDN Strict code of conduct with user deletion after three offences Classic forum navigation with topics, responses, threads and posts Alternative tag cloud navigation and detailed search Users present themselves with personal statistics, about me page, avatar / picture… Support staff can directly participate and are flagged Unlimited replies with an unlimited number of characters possible Questions can be asked via the web (new thread) Questions can be asked via SMS or email, Twitter, via a mobile platform or IM Answer mechanisms are optimized for mobile with 160 characters Timely answers are being send back to the mobile phone immediately Users receive monthly rewards based on collected points and levels | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 7 |
  8. 8. hiogi clusters knowledge and automatically creates FAQs and lists of related topics • hiogi does semantic matching of questions and displays related information based on the relevance of keyword combinations. • Reports and statistics of similar questions, topics, tags and keywords extract important insights. • Most discussed and top lists of most critical topics give instant feedback to your business department. | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 8 |
  9. 9. Björn Behrendt (Gründer & Geschäftsführer) Phone +49 (0) 30 99296936-9 Fax +49 (0) 30 99296936-5 hiogi GmbH Ackerstr. 3a D-10115 Berlin, Germany | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 9 |
  10. 10. hiogi is technology leader in mobile Q&A systems Start of in November 2007. Investors of the hiogi GmbH: • HP-Ventures • Media Ventures • A-Z Beteiligungen 5 employees, plus a network of freelancer.. Technology leader in mobile question systems. 55.000 questions answered. References: • Mobile price comparison. Link… • Q&A-System for event. Link… • Datafeed & Site for students. Link… • Travel landingpage & TV-Clip. Link… • SMS-price comparison. Link… • In-Site Widgets & Content. Link… | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 10 |
  11. 11. hiogi provides various mobile „question-technologies“ • Secure and dedicated shortcode or long number! • Various other channels to ask a mobile question: • Mobile portal: e.g. • Email-PDA-Solution: e.g. • Skype mobile: e.g. yourcompany_skype_questions • Twitter solution • Widgets • Web • Instant SMS feedback solution. | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 11 |
  12. 12. Customer dialogues with messages attached to answers Which is the best tapas bar in Madrid? Jetzt Harry per SMS Check out Taberna Did you know that we um Rat fragen: offer winter products on Senden Sie HARRY Maceiras, Huertas vor Ihrer Frage an: (Centro) 66, 28014 sale? Wanna know Madrid more? Answer with E1 +34914295818 :-) best E1 Winter now on sale. Save now! Products starting at €20.99. Wanna know more? Answer E2 hiogi gets your customers and advertising clients involved into a dialogue. E2 Setup Dialog: € 400,- Our products can be Costs 10.000 SMS: € 900 used all over the world. Sum: € 1.200,- Your next sales point is Hamburg – City – Centre. | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 12 |
  13. 13. CIP Checklist 1. Which questioning channels are needed? 12. Which languages need to be supported? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 2. Is a dedicated shortcode or long-no available? 13. In which countries will the system be rolled out? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 3. Does an answer community exist? 14. Special pilot project settings? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 4. Are MSISDN and email verification possible? 15. Shell prices or rewards be granted? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 5. Is a single-sign-on wanted? 16. Which graphical specs exist (CI guidelines)? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 6. How are third-party applications integrated? 17. Shell any standard hiogi modules be excluded? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 7. What are the SLA requirements? 18. Are special blacklist filters or alert filters needed? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 8. Which web technologies are already being used? 19. Timeframe? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 9. Which volume is expected? 20. Next steps? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 10. Will support staff be involved in a second level? 21. Miscellaneous _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 11. Which reports are needed? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 13 |
  14. 14. Mobile search will be a huge business opportunity eMarketer raised its global mobile search revenue forecast up from $83 million in 2007 to $3.8 billion by 2012 * „60% do mobile searches on the mobile phone“ „Mobile Internet“ study by TNS Infratest, Oct 2008 „mobile users have a desire for fast & concrete search results and do not want to scroll down pages of search results...“ „Web-to-go“ study by Deloitte Consulting, Oct 2008 ChaCha claims it has captured 7% of the mobile text-to-search market with a quarterly growth rate of more than 800 percent… Chacha has has answered more than 27 million queries since it launched… | © 2009 hiogi GmbH | confidential | page 14 |