Brand identity keynote (bboyzz)


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Brand identity keynote (bboyzz)

  1. 1. BBOYZZ Music Entertainment Company Entertainment
  2. 2. C.E.O. and Founder B!an C. Bu"on BBOYZZ Entertainment
  3. 3. BBOYZZ BBOYZZ - company brand name BBOYZZ stands for Burton Boys, my last name Burton family entertainment company Three brothers logo represent family unity Entertainment
  4. 4. BBOYZZ unique spelling - replaced S with ZZ stands out as a team instead of an individual company company name leaves room for other business ventures such as: fashion design, modeling, clothing, etc..... Entertainment Strengths
  5. 5. BBOYZZ protected by USPTO at trademark brand available Entertainment
  6. 6. BBOYZZ Fanciful category invented, made up originality Entertainment Brand Identity
  7. 7. BBOYZZ Logo design colors are black and white white - innocence, purity black - luxury, sophistication Entertainment Laws of shape & color
  8. 8. BBOYZZ BBOYZZ logo is effective due to its uniqueness in name and logo style logo is a design of three business men who are very well dressed from head to toe. business of the company is represented in the BBOYZZ logo logo of the three business men also states there is a strong business team of men ready to handle business Entertainment
  9. 9. BBOYZZ logo style represents a Woodmark style and symbol logo reflects my unique brand because it represents team unity in building a successful business, a successful team is needed Entertainment
  10. 10. BBOYZZ to the right is an example logo of Atlantic Records the logo main elements represent an emblem with the colors red and white red representing passion, energy, and power logo falls under the fanciful category, invented or made up Entertainment Competitor logo style
  11. 11. BBOYZZ Universal Music Group logo is an example of their company logo conveying its message through their logo the logo symbolizes the world at which Universal music group distributes music and services throughout the world. UMG is the #1 Entertainment Company in the world. Entertainment example of a logo I would create
  12. 12. BBOYZZ Entertainment Brand Logo (rough draft) logo shape: represents a woodmark and symbol style. logo colors: represent black and white. The suits are black representing luxury and sophistication while the white headphones represent the innocence and purity of music logo style: represents three businessmen and their passion for music logo design: represents the business in music with teamwork and unity
  13. 13. BBOYZZ corporate vision at BBOYZZ is to establish a music entertainment company in producing the best quality music to its consumers through teamwork and to become a successful company throughout the world of music BBOYZZ beliefs are to keep our consumer’s happy and curious about the excellent music at which we distribute we will never stop producing the best quality artists and music to the world Entertainment Corporate Culture
  14. 14. BBOYZZ Dedicated and determined to producing exquisite professional music to the music lovers of the world. Your passion for music is ours. mission statement will be communicated through the company’s website url and advertising by publicizing the dedication the company will have to its consumers in producing the quality music they want mission statement is directed to BBOYZZ employees and customers Entertainment Mission Statement
  15. 15. BBOYZZ mission statement represents direction, focus, and passion for our consumers BBOYZZ mission statement is concise and straightforward state tells what the company is about in less then 30 seconds mission statement is unique in style do to the straightforward message that portrayed to the world in the dedication the company will pursue to produce the music at which the world wants to hear Entertainment Mission Statement
  16. 16. BBOYZZ Entertainment Tagline Professionally Produced Music
  17. 17. BBOYZZ BBOYZZ tagline is effective due to explanation in it’s tagline as to what the company intensions are in the quality of music distributed tagline speaks to our clients by letting them know we will stop at nothing in producing the best professionally music we will give our customers a lifetime of quality music for their enjoyment BBOYZZ tagline represents a specific message to the customers Entertainment Professionally Produced Music
  18. 18. BBOYZZ tagline above reinforces the BBOYZZ brand name and logo BBOYZZ tagline does not distinguish from it’s competitors. In the Entertainment Music industry, many competitors goal is to produce the best music possible. however, BBOYZZ tagline does portray the action of command. It’s short, easy to say, and positive. Our tagline can also be considered unique Entertainment Professionally Produced Music
  19. 19. BBOYZZ Motto: Let’s Go Get It!!!! Entertainment