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Rome slideshow in order


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Rome slideshow in order

  1. 1. Acqua Miracolosa
  2. 2. ince something as beautiful as the Santa Maria Maggiore isjust a stones throw away from the family’s home, I couldn’t help but use the Rome, Italywhite draped, gold guided phenomenon as an inspiration. As the story datesback to 356 AD, Mother Mary (St. Maria) approached Pope Liberus in hisdream and insisted he builds a church upon a hilltop that was guaranteed to Saget snow. Liberus couldn’t deny the Virgin Mary of course, so what does he n M ta M nado, chooses one of the best hill tops in Rome, Esquiline Hill, right where this Via Pa nisper ag a go r ia reapartment it located today. Late one August night, a Miraculous snowfalloccurred, and the outcome, the Santa Maria Maggiore. A true miracle of urour lady of ‘the snow.’ For the Patata-teste family I drew upon the church’s vo Cawarmth, tranquility, underling message of white; and wrapped it all up mi - a Viraculously, almost as if Mother Mary had dones it herself, once again. Inspiration Bernini was an inspiration for this project as well. Not only because he was bur- ried in Santa Maria Maggiore, but also because of his magni cent water features all over the city. Since the homeowner is passionate about fountains and water, I thought a focus on water was only appropriate.
  3. 3. Signora Patata-teste is a professional consultant for one of the most important At the age of 18, the son, Basilius, eat, sleeps, and men in the world. Her commute to work breaths soccer. Hes working hard in his studies, is a quick 15-minute walk to the neigh- so a desk and workspace would be a necessity. boring country. Guida, is the personal Named after the roman word for King, the room consultant for none other than Pope will be designed to be t for a king. Benedict himself. Her job requires a lot. All she asks for in a home is somewhere cozy, unpretentious, and hers. Working under the strict con nes of The Vatican all day can be grueling, so a calming oasis Family of a boudoir is the perfect answer. This master bathroom and bedroom would put any ne hotel’s spa to shame. A large walk-in glass shower that is partially Lifestyle outside on the homeowners courtyard deck is the rooms focal point. Designed with frosted glass and real rock stones, they can feel as if showering under the sky. The bedroom continues to o er unbelievable bene ts, like top of the art appliances, large vanity, and a beautiful antique bed to curl up in after a longsThe daughter, Aurelian, is an 14 year old spitting day work. Imagine waking up to theimage of her mother. She was born with the fashion warm sun creeping through the largegene of her mother. A large closet is important for her Signor Patata-teste is a manager of a very large water windows with the sheer white drapesas well. She also loves curling up to a good book in fountain company in Rome called, Sogno Bagnato,or drawn, encouraging the soothing gardenbed, or having all her friends over for sleepovers. So a ”wet dream” in english,which is only tting beacause to be just as part of the interior as it is themassive built in bed was the best solution. It becomes he provides the hundreds of fountains within the city exterior. Guida doesn’t dwell in Romealmost its own room. There is a window that is oper- with the beautiful dream of water. Guido, works long just for it’s Catholicism, she lives for theable in this space that allows a secret access to the hours, and the thought of a comfortable place to designs of Cavalli, Gucci, and Fendi. So abalcony. Every girls dream, “Romeo, oh Romeo!” come home to at night is just what he seeks. A thor- considerable walk-in closet to house oughly designed study, geared towards his liking, Guida’s fashionable Italian wardrobe was will make bringing the workload home very conveni- imperative. ent. Don’t put the man’s serious profession past him. He still likes to have a good time and entertain, like any Italian does.So a home suitable for entertain- ment is imperative. The kitchen and living area are more than generous with space and room for friends and family. Equipped with comfortable seating that stands as props, almost, to the real star in the room; the unbelievable view of Rome, as the rooms drop. A two way replace melts the kitchen into the family room. Leaving the far north end of the common space for the secluded, yet involved, study atop a split level plan where storage takes the beneath.
  4. 4. Existing Plan
  5. 5. Study Kitchen Master Bedroom Master Bathroom Daughters room Sons Room Floor Plan
  6. 6. Master Bedroom
  7. 7. Master Bathroom
  8. 8. Kitchen and Living Room
  9. 9. Sustainable Living Solar panals on backside of the outdoor shower which generate enough heat to warm the water of the showerPrivate garden on the indoor outdoordeck which emites better air quality Lights are halogen energy saving bulbs that are also Heathing throughout the house is motion sensored to con- provided by geothermal heating (including serve energy when one is the heated floors and fireplace) not in the room All windows are operable and encourage air ventilation throughout the house
  10. 10. Patricia Urquiola Thanks to these DESIGNERS Curtains: Centro Arredo tessile Flooring: IrisAppliances: Valcucine Heat and Solar systems: Arkema Bathroom Flooring: Fiandre Sink: Rapsel Bedroom chandelier: Patricia Urquiola Carolina Fontoura Bedding: Anthropologie Shower: Brianna Bullentini