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Digital Experts Academy


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Digital Experts Academy is the new training from the joint venture of the Six Figure Mentors and Pro U. The Digital Experts Academy is created from Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

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Digital Experts Academy

  1. 1. Bruno Buergi Laptop Lifestyle System   http://bruno­buergi.comDigital Experts Academy ReviewSource: http://bruno­­experts­academy­review/DEA or Digital Experts Academy is the new product and training from themerger of the Six Figure Mentors and Pro U. The Co-founders Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross combined their knowledge and their connections toproduce the new leading edge training platform called the Digital ExpertsAcademy. The system is a private, membership-based digital marketingeducation.The purpose of the Digital Experts Academy is to offer the most prestigiousbusiness training for independent online entrepreneurs. The goal is toachieve financial independence within three years or less. It depends howmuch work and dedication you put into the training.
  2. 2. Introducing the Digital Experts Academy The Digital Experts Academy (DEA) has different levels. It depends on where you are in your journey to become a digital entrepreneur, time and money you are able and willing to invest. In the DEA there are four levels of trainings:▪ Silver Level▪ Gold Level▪ Platinum Level▪ Black Level Digital Experts Academy Silver Level The Silver level is the cutting-edge e-learning program which is designed to give you the must have foundations for success in the new digital economy. At the beginning you must make the shift from an employee to a digital entrepreneur. To build a solid foundation for your future there is a yearlong training where you train the following skills:▪ Sales and Business Development▪ Customer Service and Retention▪ Management and Leadership Effectiveness▪ The Simple Truths – Professional Development These trainings within the Digital Experts Academy are brought through the WeSkill online training platform. The trainings are designed to give you a clear, purpose-driven business strategy. The same training as many high achievers go through. Digital Experts Academy Gold Level The DEA gold level is designed to write your check for live. It’s a 12-month Digital Marketing
  3. 3. Mastermind and a 3-day Workshop. In this training you learn everythingyou need to become a full-time, professional Digital Marketer.The Digital Experts Academy brings you top Digital Marketing experts whoteach you all aspects of the most important skill you need: Marketing.These experts will bring all aspects of Digital Marketing. From affiliatemarketing, traffic and conversion, monetization and so on.Besides the ongoing training you can attend a 3-day intensive workshop.These workshops are held multiple times a year in different locations. Soyou don’t have to travel to far. For me it’s usually London where I willattend it.Digital Experts Academy Platinum LevelWith the Platinum level you are on the way tobecome a Digital Expert. You go through aprofessional online branding. At this level youmake the transition from a Digital Marketer to aDigital Expert.Part of the Platinum Level is a 3-day brandbuilding workshop. Together with brandingexperts you create a professional brand and profile that matcheseverything from website to social media profiles together. You will have aunique positioning in the market.Digital Experts Academy Black LevelThis is the ultimate level. Here you are in amastermind with the top Digital Entrepreneurs.There will be a mastermind retreat with thefounders of the DEA at exotic luxury resort. Youwill have the opportunity to leverage thenetwork of the founders of the Digital Experts Academy.
  4. 4. SummaryFrom my point of view, when you are serious about making money onlineand make a change in your lifestyle then the Digital Experts Academy isthe right solution. In the DEA you have the access to knowledge youwouldn’t get anywhere for the same prize.Start here with the Digital Experts Academy! Skype: brunobuergi Connect with me on Facebook Connect with me on Twitter Connect with me on Pinterest Connect with me on Google+Digital Experts Academy