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Hct Ed Brochure


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Hct Ed Brochure

  1. 1. TRANSFORMING YOUR EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT’S Operational efficiency Quality of service Patient satisfaction Rate of bad debt Point of service collections Your hospital’s Emergency Department can be a key point of first contact with your hospital and a portal through which potential inpatients enter. e quality of each patient’s experience during treatment there is paramount. Yet operating an Emergency Department efficiently and smoothly poses a significant challenge due to the volume of patients and the range of case acuity. HealthCare Transformation (HCT Consulting) can help you find ways for your Emergency Department to operate more efficiently, while actually improving its quality of care and level of patient satisfaction. We can help you: • Improve patient flow • Enhance collaboration among staff • Increase patient satisfaction ratings • Achieve cost savings • Enhance revenue
  2. 2. Patient flow: To assist hospitals in managing high patient volume, HCT works with physicians, ED staff, nursing, and case managers to reduce length of stay for admitted and discharge patients, the number of diversion hours, and the number of patients who leave without being seen. Collaboration among staff: Our consulting process enhances staff engagement, communication, and innovation. We interview and observe all levels of staff and physicians, work with team members to identify issues and solutions, and then conduct training for all staff members so they take ownership of the process. Patient satisfaction: Among the most common sources of dissatisfaction for Emergency Department patients is the wait time. By helping your ED reduce wait times throughout the patient’s encounter and establish regular staff communication with patients about the progress of their care, we help you achieve better patient satisfaction ratings. Cost savings: Like all other cost centers within your hospital, the Emergency Departments must find ways to cut costs through wise resource management. During the consulting engage- ment, we provide you with the tools to optimize staffing ratios, expedite patient throughput, and create better patient outcomes as ways of improving your bottom line. Revenue: Our consultants can also help you reduce bad debt by encouraging collaboration between Patient Access and Nursing to improve charge capture, point of service collections, and data input accuracy, and by implementing a rapid medical evaluation. Measurable results: e graphs below demonstrate actual results from clients realized through process redesign and implementation of solutions. ese results are very typical of what we see in ED patient flow initiatives. ALOS Admitted Patients ALOS Discharged Patients LWBS 500 300 10.00% 400 250 8.00% 200 300 6.00% 150 200 4.00% 100 100 50 2.00% 0 0 0
  3. 3. HealthCare Transformation, LLC 70 West Madison Street Three First National Plaza Suite 1400 Chicago, IL 60602 T- 312 214-7216 F- 312 214-3110