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VA Loans Graph


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VA Loans Graph

  1. 1. There were roughly 180,000 VA purchased loans last year although ,000 there are roughly 25 mill n people eligible 5 million What is a VA Loan? VA loans provide No Money Down mortgage options for US military. They are serviced by private lenders, but guaranteed by the US government. No PMI and 90% refinance options are other benefits. Learn more below. start as of January 1st, 2010 the maximum VA this amount may loan amount with rise to as much as Total Loan no down Amount in 2009 payment is $1,094,625 $68,200,786,687 in certain specified Total Guaranteed $ 417,000 "high-cost coun- Amount in 2009 ties" No monthy $17,492,203,150 f inish # of Interest Rate PMI Reduction loans in 2009 The number of VA loans 31.6% of all VA loans 122,251 has risen from $165,845 were given to veterans in 2005 to $325,690 between the age of 26-35. Average per loan in 2009 (179,670 in 2008) an additional 28.5% $209,404 in 2009 between 36-45 that’s over vs 90% Average per loan 150,140 $ in 2008 In 2009, VA loans 163,441 of the180,896 nearly 1/3 of all VA helped 91,818 VA Loans in 2009 loans in 2009 went to veterans purchase Gulf War veterans did not have to pay (3.2%) their first home. downpayments (17,000 more than in 2008) 2008 2009 only17,455 of the 180,000 veterans who applied for VA loans in 2009 had to place a downpayment