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The top unconventional signs of bedbugs


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Beg bugs are more common in Canada than you would think. As many as one out of five Americans have had a bed bug infestation in their home or have visited a hotel with one.

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The top unconventional signs of bedbugs

  1. 1. The Top Unconventional Signs Of Bedbugs Beg bugs are more common in Canada than you would think. As many as one out of five Americans have had a bed bug infestation in their home or have visited a hotel with one. Simply put, bed bugs feed on human blood. Their bites can cause skin rashes and allergy. In severe cases beg bugs can even cause fever, flu, or blisters. Beg bugs can infest beds, furniture, and even your car. They are difficult to spot and mostly become active at night, which is why you cannot get rid of them by yourself. It’s why you need BBPP’s expert bed bugs control Vaughan services to help you out. How To Know You’ve Bed Bugs Infestation in Your Home? Some common signs of bed bugs such as small itchy bites on the body and reddish-brown stains on sheets are quickly noticeable. However, some other important signs that you may spot first. Check for these signs of bed bugs and contact pest control services immediately. Skin flakes You can find skin flakes on your bed or clothing. These casings are small, brown, and oval. If you spot them anywhere in your house, consider it a sign of infestation. Do not get alarmed - thankfully bed bugs do not spread diseases. They are, majorly, a source of annoyance, and can lead to skin irritations and infections. With BBPP’s pest removal services, you can make your home bed bug free, before you know it. Second-hand furniture You might have recently bought chic furniture from the second-hand market. As much as they liven up your apartment, they can carry bed bugs with them. You do not know where they were before this. Before purchasing, make a thorough inspection of the furniture as they might be hiding in some couch cover or a drawer. It is recommended to wash whatever you purchase before putting it in your room. Look for their exoskeletons in your car Bed bugs can infest your car making your luxury purchase a nightmare. If you feel itchy sensations but don't know the cause, check your car for bed bugs. Bed bugs shed their exoskeletons once a week as a part of attaining maturity. Look between the seats and in the cracks and crevices. If you spot signs of bed bugs in your car, contact professional exterminators for a clean-up. Look for them in your suitcases, shoes, and boxes If you're the kind who travels frequently or have come back from a trip, make sure to check for bed bugs in the stuff you took with yourself. Bed bugs are globetrotters and love to travel the world with you. Check for them in your suitcase, thick jackets, cardboard boxes, and shoes. Give everything a thorough wash before putting them in their place.
  2. 2. What to Do If You’ve Bed Bugs Infestation? If you are sure that your apartment is infested by bed bugs, do not try to deal with them by yourself. You can spray disinfectants, but you won't be able to catch the source. Find out about trusted pest control services and ask for professional help. We offer the best Bed bugs control Vaughan services and an eco- friendly solution to pest worries. Try out our bed bug treatment Richmond Hill services, and get your home free from these pesky little pests.