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Cognex BarCode Readers and Vision systems


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Cognex Barcode Readers and Vision Systems help to prevent errors on the production line while improving efficiency

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Cognex BarCode Readers and Vision systems

  1. 1. MAJ Enterprises We would like to introduce our line of Cognex Barcode Readers and Vision Systems that can help prevent errors on your production line and save time and money
  2. 2. Cognex  Machine Vision – for every application  Inspection  Guide/Align  Gauge/Measure  Presence/Absence  OCR/OCV  BarCode Readers – for every identification application  1-D High Speed  1-D Slow Speed  2-D Direct Park Mark  2-D Printed  Surface Vision  SmartView Metals  SmartView Paper  SmartView Nonwovens  SmartView Plastics  SmartView Glass
  3. 3. Cognex Machine Vision Optimize quality, drive down costs, and enable automation  Most problems start at the very beginning of a product’s journey on the production line  Getting it wrong there can have disastrous consequences  However, with Cognex machine vision systems in place, you can instantly improve your production processes Make It Right Every Time
  4. 4. Cognex Machine Vision  Insight Vision Systems  Checker Vision Systems  VisionPro Vision Software
  5. 5. Cognex Machine Vision In-Sight Vision Systems  Cognex In-Sight vision systems are unmatched in their ability to inspect, identify and guide parts. These self-contained, industrial grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing.  Many models available to suit every need New Entry level vision system straight out of the box—In-Sight 7010  Powerful new vision tools  Autofocus  Integrated lighting and lens  Faster image capture  Communicate directly with any PLC or robot controller
  6. 6. Cognex Machine Vision Industrial Checker Vision Sensors  The Checker vision sensor is an award winning all-in-one industrial sensor with built in camera, processor, lighting, optics, and I/O capable of detecting and inspecting up to 6,000 parts per minute – all in an industrial IP67 enclosure small enough to fit into the tightest of spaces.
  7. 7. Cognex BarCode Readers  1-D Barcode reading Cognex DataMan barcode readers provide the highest read rates for 1-D barcodes handling extreme variations of code degradation with 1DMax+ software algorithm and the patent pending Hotbars image analysis technology. Read barcodes omnidirectionally and multiple codes simultaneously.  2-D Barcode reading From easy to read 2-D codes on labels to challenging Direct Part Marks (DPM) on chips, plastic, ceramics, glass, or metal, DataMan barcode readers provide the most robust reading reliability for all industries with the patented 2DMax+ reading algorithm. Even overcome challenges such as poor marking quality or damaged clocking patterns on codes. DataMan barcode readers are available in several platforms and have multiple model choices so you can select the right barcode reader for your application: Fixed Mount Handheld Mobile computers Barcode verifiers
  8. 8. Cognex Barcode Readers DataMan 500 Series  Supercharged ID performance for factory automation applications  The high performance DataMan 500 fixed-mount barcode reader is powered by a proprietary vision chip technology providing unmatched barcode reading and ease of use not found in other image-based or laser systems available today  DataMan 500 reads barcodes at twice the speed of other readers and is so easy to use, and reads codes so well, that it doesn’t have to be positioned optimally to achieve high read rates  CognexVSoC provides ultra fast autoexposure and image acquisition speeds of up to 1,000 frames/second  Read up to 90 codes per second  Decode the most challenging 1-D and 2-D barcodes
  9. 9. Call MAJ Enterprises for more information (516) 625-0110 Visit us at