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solar street lights In Africa


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solar street lights In Africa

  1. 1. Lighting along Rivers State, Olu Obsanju Way
  2. 2. Lighting the roadways of Bayelsa State-Mbiama
  3. 3. Lighting the roadways of Delta State-Oghara
  4. 4. Installing SLV cobrahead lights in Angola
  5. 5. Lights enhance roadways in Nigeria
  6. 6. Lighting along Rivers State Airport road-over 20km
  7. 7. Lighting along Rivers State, Port Harcourt, Rumola Road
  8. 8. Entrance solar lights in Kenya-Nyumbani
  9. 9. Lighting entrance to President Obasanjo’s residence
  10. 10. Lighting enhances economic productivity in Nigeria
  11. 11. Idenau Municipality and Custom House in Cameroon
  12. 12. Dual cobrahead SLV light streets in Guinea-Conakry
  13. 13. Flat mount cobraheads light streets in Nigeria
  14. 14. Cobrahead flat mounts near Guinea Prime Minister’s office
  15. 15. Outside FINI hotel Limbe, SWP Cameroon
  16. 16. Eru fishing port, Idenau Municipality, Cameroon
  17. 17. Dual SLV Series in Douala Littoral Province, Cameroon
  18. 18. Bibunde bridge junction in Cameroon
  19. 19. CHAD Sol Rep in front of N’djamena Town Hall
  20. 20. SLV Streetlights in Delta State, Nigeria