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  • Relationship Development Process MZ BIERLY CONSULTING, INC.
  • 1st and 2nd Meetings with Prospects October 25, 2010 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING INC.
  • Wib.building client loyalty.march 21 2013.v14.printed version

    1. 1. Building Client Loyalty and Increasing Wallet Share Developing Strong Business Banking RelationshipsMarch 2013Version 4 1 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    2. 2. Building Loyalty, Increasing WalletShareWe are assuming. . .Your bank is active with the businesses in yourcommunity.You have a team of Bankers who support thebusiness owners in your community.This is their story. . .Your Commercial Banking Team. 2 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    3. 3. Building Loyalty, Increasing WalletShareBuilding “Strong” Commercial BankingRelationships has 3 Outcomes. . .1.Building Sustainable Top-Line Growth2.Building Sustainable Credit Quality3.Building Sustainable Margins 3 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    4. 4. Building Loyalty, Increasing WalletShareKeeping it simple. . .1.Don’t lose your most profitable clients.2.Lock down your “undersold” clients.3.Acquire the prospects that build sustainablerevenue (and a sustainable brand).Undoable in today’s environment? 4 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    5. 5. The Key DriversAs Simple as Possible. . .1.Consistent Execution of a Client Experience2.Consistent Execution is driven by theLeadership of the Executive Suite (not just CEO,the whole Executive Suite)But, what are we Consistently Executing? 5 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    6. 6. A Few DefinitionsHigh-Performing Bankers use 3 “strategies”A Transaction Strategy (responding to an opportunity)A Market Strategy (allocating their limited time to the“right” Clients, Prospects and COIs; proactively managingtheir time toward the best “lead sources”)A Relationship Strategy (“strategically” developing theirrelationship with significant clients, prospects and COIs) 6 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    7. 7. Building Loyalty andIncreasing Wallet Share (The Checklist)1. An Articulated Market Development Process2. An Articulated Relationship Development Process3. Vertically Aligned Messaging of the Priorities (led by the Executive Suite)4. Vertical Accountability for “Executing” the Articulated Processes (led by the Executive Suite)5. Coaching Team Members on building strong business relationships (Focused by E-Suite)This. . . is what we’re executing. 7 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    8. 8. 1. A Defined Market Development ProcessA Market Development Process focuses on 4 sets ofRelationships.Retention Relationships (the top 10% based onmetrics)Expansion Relationships (significant expansionopportunities within 18 months)Acquisition Relationships (matches a credit and profitprofile)COI Relationships (the 3 rd parties who already knowthose above)Other examples and definitions are shown in your handouts 8 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    9. 9. The Market Development Process. . .A Model for Market Focus50% Reactive 50% Proactive 50% ProactiveTransactions Leads Leads It Balances the Proactive and Reactive Activity within Your Market. 9 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    10. 10. 2. A Defined Relationship Development ProcessSustainable growth in revenue is built withproactive relationship development.Never lose a Retention Relationship.Get in front of opportunities in ExpansionRelationships.Be consistent pursuing AcquisitionRelationships.Stay in front of the Right COIs. 10 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    11. 11. Where do You Stand?Resources Most Often Relied on for Advice on Addressing Business Issues Business Commercial Resource Banking BankingInternal Management Team 66% 63%Peer at Another Company 20% 23%Outside Consultant 17% 22%My Insurance Broker 11% 13%Accountant 16% 11%Commercial Banker 10% 4%Lawyer 3% 3%Investment Banker 2% 1%Other 9% 6% Greenwich Market Pulse, July 2012 11 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    12. 12. Building a “Different” Relationship Business Acumen* is bringing Business Issue Insights and Unsolicited Financial Ideas to the table  A significant “differentiator” in a competitive marketplace  Highly effective in proactive situations Product Acumen is important in reactive situations  Less of a differentiator in proactive situations 12 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    13. 13. Building “Loyal and Deep” RelationshipsWhat are Decision Makers Looking for?1.It depends on what they “value”. Different DecisionMakers value different “things”.2.Value-added is not the value you want to add, it’s thevalue that the Decision Maker is looking for. . . the DecisionMaker’s “value driver”.3.Strong relationships are built when we understand andalign with the value driver of a Decision Maker. 13 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    14. 14. Building a “Default” Value PropositionValue Driver = What the Decision Maker is “looking for” 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 14 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    15. 15. Shifting the Conversation. . . A “BusinessAcumen” Conversation Use this Question Set to Demonstrate Business Use this Question Set to Demonstrate Business Acumen and Building Relationship Momentum Acumen and Building Relationship Momentum22 These conversation areas align with a Business These conversation areas align with a Business Owner’s Business Issues, Business Objectives, Owner’s Business Issues, Business Objectives, Business Operations and Financial Management Business Operations and Financial Management Processes. These questions demonstrate Business Processes. These questions demonstrate Business Acumen!! Acumen!! 15 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    16. 16. 3. Vertically Aligned Messaging of the Priorities(led by the Executive Suite)Sustainability is “led” by Messaging the Priorities.What are the most important things yourCommercial Team does every week?Reduce the messaging to no more than 5priorities.Re-establish the Priorities every week (fromthe CEO on down). 16 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    17. 17. 3. Vertically Aligned Messaging of the PrioritiesPerformance and “Motivational” sources High-performers (top 10%), Intrinsic The Core of Team (80%), Extrinsic Low-performers (bottom 10%), Mis-Match 17 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    18. 18. Extrinsic Motivation, Consistent Messaging Extrinsically motivated Bankers monitor their environment for clues and cues to determine what is acceptable behavior and then respond accordingly. 18 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    19. 19. Vertically Aligned Messaging of the Priorities1. Prioritizing the Messages  Have you prioritized the messages?  Are you staying on the prioritized messages?2. Adjusting the Behaviors  Have you assessed the skill sets?  Have you built a coaching plan?  Are you “formally” coaching?3. Adjusting the Infrastructure  Does it support the messaging you’re delivering?  Does it support the behaviors you want? 19 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    20. 20. 4. Vertical Accountability for “Executing” theArticulated Processes Every Week(led by the Executive Suite)Consistent Execution means continuallyprioritizing the Messages. . .Monday Morning Sales Meetings 20 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    21. 21. 5. Coaching Team Members on Building StrongBusiness RelationshipsContinually “growing” the right BehaviorsScheduled, Bi-Weekly, One-on-OneCoaching 21 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    22. 22. Building Loyalty, Increasing Wallet Share(The Checklist)An Articulated Market Development ProcessAn Articulated Relationship Development ProcessVertically Aligned Messaging of the Priorities (led by the Executive Suite)Vertical Accountability for “Executing” the Articulated Processes (led by the Executive Suite)Coaching Team Members on building strong business relationships (focused by the E-Suite)This. . . is what we’re leading. 22 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING
    23. 23. The 5 Key Drivers This. . . is what we’re leading. 23 MZ BIERLY CONSULTING