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PSP - TED Talk Evaluation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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PSP - TED Talk Evaluation

  1. 1. TED Talk EvaluationsBy Linda Kim
  2. 2. The speaker I have chosen for this assignment is Matt Mills’ “Imagerecognition that triggers augmented reality” talk.
  3. 3. He also had an assistant on the stage to helphim show off the technology to the audience. Her name is Tamara Roukaerts.
  4. 4. Basically, his speech was about technology advancing fast enough that he and a group of other UK developers have created the ability to augment reality with images from your camera phone.They had the application created so that it is easy to use for the mass.
  5. 5. Matt Mills captured the audience by asking hypothetical questions at the beginning of his speech. He brought the audience to think aboutthemselves and have it concern themselves. He kept the information simple to understand for the audience as well as bringing interest to all different types of people. Throughout his speech, Millsshowed examples of his product to the audience. He made the idea sound likable and useable to major companies to the adolescent child.
  6. 6. Mills showed ways where holidaycards could be enhanced with a video.
  7. 7. I think that Mills best followed the first commandment very well. He presented an idea that hasn’t been perfected. He showed and idea, with a collaboration of many people, the capabilities of the future. He talked about and idea, a project, a future that hasn’t been seen, or even heard, often. His presentation amazed many people, and probably clicked new ideas to future minds.
  8. 8. One the scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), in terms ofdynamism, Mills’ presentation was a 4. It was engaging, but there were times where it was awkward. He would stand there not knowing what to do, or at least that is what I have perceived from time to time. I think that hecould improve by being more energetic and getting into what he was presenting.
  9. 9. From Nancy Duarte, Mills told presentation inan order. He spoke with a flow of a story likestructure. He spoke in equal story telling but giving information as well.
  10. 10. From watching Mills, Ilearned that you need tograb the attention of theaudience at thebeginning. Having theaudience interact insome way is a goodthing. It keeps theaudience engaged to thetopic. I would need tospeak in a story likestructure in mypresentation. I also needto be more dynamicduring my presentation.
  11. 11. Robinson and Mills have similar and yet verydifferent ways they present. They both engage the audience, but in different ways. Robinson makesthe audience think and reflect upon society, while Mills thinks of their daily lives.
  12. 12. I think that Robinson is a little bit more animated in hisvoice tone. He doesn’t talk in a monotone voice. Mills,however, has somewhat of a dull tone. Sometimes he talks a little unenthusiastically.
  13. 13. They both crack jokes every now and then, but I’ve noticed that Robinson tells more jokes and metaphorsthan Mills. Robinson has a way of making his audience laugh. It was only towards the end of the presentation that Mills had a laughing and smiling audience.
  14. 14. From what I have seen and learned from my TEDTalk, I would have the audience be more active andask hypothetical questions to them as well. I would give them visual examples of what I’m talking about or even just visual cues. I think considering those in mind would help you, my fellowclassmates, in your future presentations. Of course some presentations would need more visual than others, but having some would help keep things interesting.