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FLOK-Ecuador Research process presentation by Michel Bauwens

  1. KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY Changing the productive matrix of Ecuador TOWARDS AN OPEN COMMONS-BASED Michel Bauwens
  2. PRIVATE LABOR AS VALUE CREATOR PRIVATE CORPORATION CAPTURE VALUE Market state as external regulator Civil society as rest category   TRADITIONAL PROPRIETARY CAPITALISM Michel Bauwens
  3. Peer Production EMERGENT P2P UNDER COGNITIVE CAPITALISM Netarchical Corporate Platform Exclusionary Financialization Capture of valueCreation of value Michel Bauwens
  4. Contributory Commons THE POST – CAPITALIST SCENARIO CIVIL SOCIETY ETHICAL ECONOMY Solidary Economy PARTNER STATE Reformed Corporation STABLE COMMONS ALLIED TO SOCIAL ECONOMY Common Good Enabling & Empowering Michel Bauwens
  5. ENABLING PRACTICES OPEN KNOWLEDGE COMMONS MATERIAL INFRASTRUCTURES INMATERIAL INFRASTRUCTURES EDUCATION & CULTURE SCIENCE INDUSTRY, AGRICULTURE & SERVICES CIVIC COMMONS •Open CourseWare (Mooc’s) •Open TextBooks •Open Source/Free software •Open Access • Biodiversity & Seed commons • Open Design • Open Machining •Open Government Data • Participatory Legislation • Participatory Budgeting “Ponto de Cultura” Universal Broadband Internet of Resources Internet of Energy Internet of Manufacturing Commons-Based Public Services Fablabs Global Villages Hacker & MakerSpaces MicroFactories Coworking Social Care Solidarity Coops Open Certification Natural Resource Trusts Community Land Trusts Open Company Formats Open Venture Funding Open Value Accounting Crowdfunding & Social Lending Public-Commons Partnerships Michel Bauwens
  6. HIGH LEVEL INTEGRATIVE EXPERT GROUPS VOLUNTEER CIVIC EXPERTS 20-25 TOPICAL EXPERTS SCIENTIFIC INPUT CIVIC INPUT GLOBAL AND LOCAL ADVOCACY ORGANIZATION ECUADORIAN WORKSHOPS Cognitive Capitalism Group Monetary Reform Group Planification Experts October 2013 February 2014 INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT Subjective & Cultural Change Human Capacities Commons Based Productive Capacities Institutional Innovations Technical Infrastructure Other Physical Infrastructures M A R C H C O N F E R E N C E Open Education Policy Open Science Policy Open Culture & Arts Open Design for Industry Open Access Policy Digital Rights Open Infrastructurec Privacy & Data Ownership Open Venture Funding Agricultural Knowledge Policy Service Industry Knowledge Open Health Care Housing Commons Michel Bauwens
  7. Is RESEARCH PLAN Michel Bauwens I. Introductory Phase * Defining the scope of subject area *Summarize how the Ecuadorian national plans (2009-2013 ; 2013-2017) considers policies for these domains * Identify key experts and practitioners in the various domains, both outside and inside Ecuador II. Global Research Phase * Look for principles, goals and objectives as proposed by FLOK communities * Look for successfull implementations outside of Ecuador * Look for the most interesting experiments outside of Ecuador * Look for policy frameworks and implemetations outside of Ecuador III. Ecuadorian Research Phase * A survey of ecuadorian resources and development to build the new P2P national infrastructure * Look for principles, goals and objectives as proposed by FLOK communities in Ecuador * Look for successfull implementations inside Ecuador * Look for the most interesting experiments inside Ecuador * Look for policy frameworks and implentations inside Ecuador IV. Policy Formulation Phase * Provide a synthetic overview of the research results * Provide visually effective presentation material * Provide a synthetic overview of constructive proposals and policy formulations to be incorporated in the strategic document.
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