INSIGHT SKN Election 2010


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INSIGHT: A newsletter by the Friends of St Kitts and Nevis

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INSIGHT SKN Election 2010

  1. 1. ELECTION ISSUE F R E E LET THOSE WHO LABOUR HOLD THE REINS ~ EDITORIAL ~ WALKING THE WALK THE MOST IMPORTANT NATIONAL ELECTION IN “... OUR OPPOSITION PARTY IS NOTED FOR IS ITS ABILITY TO TALK!” THE HISTORY OF ST KITTS AND THE FEDERATION AND YOU WERE FIRED FOR TAKES PLACE ON MONDAY INCOMPETENCE, NEXT WEEK. IRRESPONSIBILITY AND • On the one hand the Labour Party OTHER INDISCRETIONS, WHAT WORK HAVE YOU DONE SINCE is running on its considerable and THEN?” comprehensive record of achieve- ments over the past fifteen years. The answer is “Nothing” and noth- It is also basing its claim for ing comes from nothing except the continuity of representation of the empty promises of empty vessels. people of St Kitts and Nevis on its present achievements including So if their track record is such • the successful transition from that nobody will employ them for sugar and the diversification of the even the most menial jobs, why economy; should they be considered for the • the very visible increases in the top political posts in our country? quality of life and standard of If they have not done anything for living of the people of this coun- fifteen years, why should they be try; and the enlightened gover- even considered as employable es- nance, especially planning, that Vote for Good Governance. Vote for the future of our has enabled this country not only Federation. pecially during a time of extreme to survive, but also to improve its challenges to the survival of Small • WE URGE YOU TO VOTE WITH YOUR HEADS RATHER THAN ONLY WITH YOUR economic performance when its HEARTS. Island Developing States (SIDS)? Caribbean neighbours are experi- • WE URGE YOU TO CONSIDER THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR CHIL- ALTHOUGH ELECTIONS ARE encing difficult times. DREN’S CHILDREN AND IN WHOSE HANDS THEY WILL FIND SAFETY, SECURITY ABOUT EMOTIONS, WE URGE AND SUCCESS. THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY • WE URGE YOU TO REMEMBER THAT THOSE WHO LABOUR SHOULD HOLD THE On the other hand its competi- REINS OF OFFICE. TO LOOK DISPASSIONATELY tor is a Movement that has not VOTE FOR DR DOUGLAS. VOTE FOR LABOUR. AND OBJECTIVELY AT THE moved since it was toppled Opposition parties of being able to PRESENT NATIONAL AND from the seat of Government in IF THERE IS ANY SINGLE engage in destructive criticism of GLOBAL SCENARIO. 1994. THING OUR OPPOSITION the Government in power without ASK YOURSELVES, WHO ARE IT IS AN “ACTION” PARTY IS NOTED FOR IS ITS being required to do or say any- BEST QUALIFIED TO REPRESENT MOVEMENT THAT HAS NOT ABILITY TO TALK AND TALK thing constructive. YOU AND TO MANAGE OUR ACHIEVED ANYTHING IN AND TALK. COUNTRY RIGHT NOW AND FOR THE PAST FIFTEEN YEARS. It has done nothing else in the THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. IT IS A FEATURE OF OUR past fifteen years. There is nothing DEMOCRACY THAT You cannot put a FRY weight into It claims to be of the people memorable in its resume. If it were but is controlled by a particular OPPOSITIONS CAN TALK a person going for a job interview, a heavyweight contest. You cannot class characterized by a “com- THE TALK BUT the encounter will be short and the send some overweight layabout to mission agent” mentality – GOVERNMENTS ARE response swift. fight Mohammed Ali. You cannot buying cheap and selling dear. send talkers when you need doers. EXPECTED TO WALK THE Over the past fifteen years it has I SEE THAT THE LAST You cannot send CHICKENS to WALK. TIME YOU DID ANYTHING enjoyed the prerogative of all fight elephants. ~ WAS FIFTEEN YEARS AGO SKN ELECTIONS 2009 VERSUS PAM proven ACHIEVEMENT VS naked AMBITION
  2. 2. WHY VOTE LABOUR What Labour will do for you Home Ownership. More houses will be built under a continuous program. Health Care. More facilities and a greater emphasis on holistic health. Expanding hotel based tourism. Expanding cruise ship tourism. More airlines. Reliable, direct air service into St. Kitts and Nevis must continue. Alternative sources of energy is an active program. A new pier for increasing maritime-based business. Increasing the skills and education base of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis. The alignment of our education system with the world of work. Crime prevention and control. Greater emphasis on community involvement and By their signs and their words shall you faith-based institutions. Better facilities, equipment and training for our police force. know them! What Labour has done for you • In the past 5 years unemployment has fallen 16% to 6%. • St. Kitts has experienced growth of triple digit figures in its tourism industry between 2005/2006 and 2008/2009. • The minimum wage in St. Kitts-Nevis is higher than any in the OECS - and is one of the highest in CARICOM. • A recent Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association report found significant growth in passenger arrivals and spending. Accord- • Spending in St. Kitts-Nevis by cruise ship passengers is greater ing to the study, total passenger and crew visits increased by than that in any other island state in the region. nearly 250 percent from 200 to 2009. Total direct expenditures in St. Kitts increased even more dra- • Even as major investment projects are closing down both matically growing by 550 percent from US$6.7 million in the throughout the region and around the world, investment projects 2005/2006 cruise year to US$44 million in the 2008/2009 cruise in St. Kitts & Nevis continue moving forward, providing jobs, year. increasing incomes, and injecting capital into our economy. • As a result of the 250 percent increase in direct cruise tourism • Essential goods and commodities, especially food staples that expenditures from the 2005/2006 cruise year for St. Kitts, the constitute most of the family and household needs, are affordable economic impacts increased as well. because the Government has successfully controlled the cost of some 40 food and non-food essential items. THE TOTAL EMPLOYMENT IMPACT INCREASED BY 268 PERCENT OVER THE THREE-YEAR PERIOD, WHILE THE WAGE IMPACT • Agricultural production has increased by more than 600% between 2001 and 2008. INCREASED BY 295 PERCENT. THE HIGHER GROWTH IN WAGES IS DUE TO INCREASED LABOR PRODUCTIVITY AND AVERAGE • More than 500,000 cruise ship passengers arrive here every WAGES OVER THE INTERVENING PERIOD. year. • Poverty plummeted from 11% in 2001 to 1.4% in 2008. • The PAM Government built a total of 251 homes in St. Kitts between February 1980 and June 1995 compared to the Labour • One thousand young people benefitted from second-chance job Government’s total of 3,891 island wide between July 1995 and training June 2009. • A survey, published by the Department of Management Stud- • In the third quarter of 2009, over EC$10 million was paid out ies at the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies in long term Social Security benefits and EC$2,250,000 in short (UWI), found that in the OECS countries, St. Kitts and Nevis has term benefits. the most optimistic investment outlook over the next 12 months. • British Airways is expected to bring 10,000 passengers to St. • The redesigning of the berthing facility at Port Zante and the Kitts’ Robert L Bradshaw International Airport by the end of the revetment of the bulkhead by the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party year and the numbers are expected to significantly increase in Government not only saved Port Zante, but also secured the fu- 2010. This will be the highest number of visitors a weekly air- ture of the cruise ship industry. line service has ever brought to St. Kitts over a 12-month period.
  3. 3. Constituency Representatives for the Term 2010 -2015 “Labour offers safe hands in troubled times. Our ongoing plan of reforms is delivering real improvements to the life of every Kittitian and Nevisian. From jobs and education, to the health service and housing – we are delivering”. Ms. Marcella Liburd Area #2 also known as Central Basseterre, which also consists of West Fort Street, Greenlands, McKnight, Market Street, Wade’s Garden, College Street, Irish Town, New Road. Hon. Cedric Liburd, MP Area #8 also known as Cayon and St. Peter’s, which also comprises of Upper Mr. Glenn Phillip and Lower Cayon, Conaree, Kittstod- Area #4 also known as Old Road, darts, Monkey Hill. which also comprises of Challeng- er’s, Half Way Tree, Middle Island, Stone Fort, Franklands, New Guinea. Dr. Norgen Wilson Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin, MP Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas, MP Area #5 also known as Sandy Point, Prime Minister and National which also comprises of Fig Tree, The Area #1 also known as East Basseterre, which also comprises of East Fort Political Leader Area #6 also known Alley, Sir Gilles, La Vallee, Pump Bay. Street, Newtown, New Pond Site, Tay- as St. Paul’s, which also comprises of lor’s, Pond’s Extension, Pond’s Pasture, Newton Ground, Dieppe Bay, Bird Rock, and Frigate Bay. Saddler’s. Hon. Dr. Timothy S.Harris, MP Hon. Sam T. Condor, MP National Party Chairman Area #3 also known as West Basseterre, Area #7 also known as Tabernacle which also comprises of Fortlands, The and Mansion, which also comprises of Village, Buckley’s, Shadwell, Olivees, Lodge, Ottley’s, Molineux. Camps, Mattingley, Boyd’s, Westfarm.
  4. 4. THE BRANTLEY FACTOR! Letter to the Editor What is Brantley going to do as Prime Minister? My fellow PAM IS NOT ONLY INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT, Kittitians, don’t even try to imagine what this man is capable of BUT THEY HAVE NOW SHOWN THAT THEY ARE ALSO doing. DESPERATE. JUST MAKE SURE YOU VOTE THE ST KITTS AND NEVIS LABOUR PARTY BACK IN OFFICE AND WE WON’T HAVE THE BRANTLEY FACTOR TO IMAGINE THE NIGHTMARE THAT WOULD RESULT FROM A BRANTLEY GOVERNMENT. It is alleged that Chicken Little offered Brantley the position of Prime Minister, should the result of the election be tight. By the way who would be leader of the PAM party under a Now what kind of leader would do that? Do you see the Honor- Brantley as PM government? Worse, if Brantley is allowed to able Denzil Douglas selling the leadership position of PM, so he “manners” Kittitians as we hear he is planning to do and as we could stay in government? fear he is capable of doing. As the Christmas carol says; We don’t think so because DR. DOUGLAS IS A LEADER, Chicken Little is not, and we should begin to wander what it is “You better watch out that Chicken Little wants. You better not cry You better not pout There are handful of people who thought thought that he had I’m telling you why.” ideas and strategies to lead St. Kitts and Nevis to the next level. Now that it looks like he just wants to be in Government, the Why? question is why? Is the chicken business in trouble or he just Brantley plans on coming to town and PAM will put him wants to feather his own nest? there if they can. Watch out people. See the writing on the We believe that the likes of CHICKEN LITTLE and his wall – put PAM in power and it is Brantley in ‘CLIQUE-O’ partners or “BUSINESS we pam-pa-lam!!! MEN” as they call themselves We know that the people of the Federation want responsible progressive THEY SIMPLY WANT TO TAKE Government like the people of Dominica OVER GOVERNMENT TO GET who last December voted Roosevelt Skerritt and THEIR HANDS ON THE TREASURY, the Dominica Labour Party back in for a third GET GOVERNMENT LANDS AND term. BANKRUPT THE COUNTRY. That is why they could offer the PM job to Brantley if the split in St Kitts is 3-3 So too will our people vote Dr. Denzil Douglas and the St. and Brantley gets the three Nevis seats. Isn’t that the same Kitts and Nevis Labour Party back into power far another term. ~ Brantley who wanted Nevis to Secede from St Kitts? History has demonstrated that very few leaders are able to give up some of their own power and autonomy for the greater good VOTE WISELY. of the people. The leaders in Tobago did it, the leaders in the Grenadines did it, the leaders in Barbuda did it. VOTE AGAINST BRANTLEY VOTE AGAINST PAM. Brantley did not want to cooperate and was not very willing to do that, he became an advocate for secession. However, his plan to secede failed. Now it is alleged that PAM and it’s leader Chicken Little has offered Brantley the leadership of the Federation and the very country from which he wanted to secede. How ironic and how desperate can a party get? Courtesy the Friends of St. Kitts and Nevis