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INSIGHT: Holiday Edition of our Election Newsletter


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INSIGHT A Newsletter by the Friends of St Kitts and Nevis :

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INSIGHT: Holiday Edition of our Election Newsletter

  1. 1. JANUARY 2010 LET THOSE WHO LABOUR HOLD THE REINS EDITORIAL A RED LETTER DAY FOR OUR COUNTRY Resolutions 2010 - 2015 Election Day should be literally a “red- LABOUR: Top Ten Priorities For The Future: letter” day for the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis if you, the electorate, vote on the basis of performance, HOME OWNERSHIP. More and more houses will principles and policies instead of mere promises; be built under the program which will continue through- solid achievements instead of out the next term. empty slogans; and future sta- bility and sustainability instead *New HEALTH CARE. More facilities and a greater of loyalties rooted in the past. year emphasis on health promo- All Kittitians should look *NEw term tion and primary health. forward to a Labour victory in *new labour this election. More, all Kitti- EXPANDING HOTEL tians should ensure that Labour BASED TOURISM is given a historic fourth term as tribute to their stew- ardship over the past fifteen years, as a vote of con- EXPANDING CRUISE fidence in their ability to manage the next five years SHIP TOURISM and as recognition that they have helped the country weather and survive the worst economic depression A NEW PIER FOR INCREASING in modern history. MARITIME-BASED BUSINESS. The most interesting development over the past year is MORE AIRLINES. that while other Caribbean countries have been strug- Reliable, direct air service into St. Kitts and gling, St Kitts and Nevis has seen an increase in eco- Nevis must continue. Delta in December 2009 nomic activities especially in construction and tourism. and another British Airways direct flight out Also, even though most of the other OECS countries of Gatwick, London in March 2010. have off-shore universities, this country is the only one to target educational tourism as an opportunity for lo- ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY. cal entrepreneurs. Geothermal development of energy in Nevis is a start. The Prime Minister has laid out ten building blocks on which the platform for the future will be based. All of THE RE-DEVELOPMENT OF THE ENTIRE us must make these our stepping stones for economic BASSETERRE AREA. Cleaning up Irishtown and ensuring that Port Zante success and sustainability, our launching pad to pros- can spread both eastwards and westwards to engulf perity and our Resolutions for the New Year and the the areas of Irishtown and also Newtown. New Term, 2010 to 2015. INCREASING THE SKILLS AND EDUCA- We have a chance to create history and, to quote TION BASE of the people of St Kitts and Nevis. The skills that our people need to drive the new economy President Barack Obama, to shape the future. Let us must be acquired. Greater emphasis on Technical and not lose it. Let us grasp the opportunity and vote Dr. Vocational Education. Douglas and his team back into office. THE ALIGNMENT OF OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM with the world of work. In-service education and certifica- Vote for the future of our Federation. tion for trades-people including builders, carpenters, Vote for the future of our children and their masons and electricians. children. Vote Labour in 2010. CRIME PREVENTION AND CONTROL. Greater emphasis on community involvement and faith- Message courtesy the Friends of St. Kitts and Nevis. based institutions. Better facilities, equipment and Get more on http://FriendsOf StKittsAnd training for our police force. FIFTEEN GOING ON TWENTY SHAPING THE FUTURE 2010 - 2015
  2. 2. 10 REASONS (and then 7 more ) NOT TO VOTE PAM 3 INSIGHT January 2010 Page 2 Vol 1 Chicken Little is a three-time loser on his way to a fourth wipeout. In the United States a three-time loser is in jail for life. 2 Chicken Little has no control of his members. He said that they would pay the money they owe for having dual citizenship and still being in Parliament. They said that he could not speak for them. So who is he speaking for for when he makes all those promises on the platform? 3 PAM has a slogan but no plan and no details on what they will do to achieve their extremely unrealistic promises. is PAM will promise you a bridge even where you don’t have a river. They will promise you change when they have not changed for 15 it years. true? 4 PAM says it’s time to change. PAM I. Is it true that PAM was must change first before we can vote for them hoping to win an election by injunctions? 5 PAM has people like Washie who is still using the “N” word to speak about black people like himself. When Washie looks in a mirror, does he see Lindsay Grant? II. Is it true that PAM was hoping to win a national election without presenting a 6 PAM has made plan for governing the country? Basseterre “Injunction City” III. Is it true that another member in with all their foolish injunctions – they have the PAM thinks that he should be leader unnecessarily delayed the since Chicken Little has lost two elec- elections and want to de- lay it even further. They tions in a row? should change their name to “COURTS”. IV. Is it true that “time for change” is rel- evant only to PAM who has been in oppo- 7 PAM has some free-wheeling, hard-drinking hotshots who sition for the past 15 years? sound like they should be in Sparrow’s Calypso, “Drunk and Disorderly”. V. Is it true that some members of the 8 PAM is full of hate and plans for vengeance. Chamber of Commerce and the religious What they should be instead is full of ideas and what they should plan for is progress. That is where Labour has the edge. community are good friends with PAM leaders and are planning to get lucrative 9 PAM came up with some stupid talk about a split between the PM deals if PAM should win? and Dr. Harris. They got caught when Dr. Harris answered them directly and exposed their lies. VI. That PAM leaders want to remain citizens of foreign countries while simul- 10 PAM is playing a dangerous game sucking up to Brantley and taneously governing our federation? his boys. Some folks are saying that Brantley wants to be Prime Minister so he could “manners” the people of St Kitts. They say, if for no other reason, all Kittitians should support Labour and make sure that Brantley never gets that opportunity otherwise there would be VII. Is it true that PAM is attempting a “weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth”. to portray Prime Minister Douglas in a If you believe in Revelations, Brantley is a pale horse. If you believe in bad light when in fact Dr. Douglas is a Washie, Brantley might be worse than a dark horse. Whatever you believe, strong, warm and caring leader whose Brantley should be in Beaumont Park instead of the PM’s Office. background is healing people?
  3. 3. VOTE Marcella Liburd NEW LABOUR VOTE Glenn “Ghost” Phillip MARCELLA LIBURD, GLENN “Ghost” PHILLIP REPRESENTATIVE FOR REPRESENTATIVE FOR CONSTITUENCY No.3 CONSTITUENCY No.2 Involvement with labour party: Marcella was born into a strong Labour family. Her brother was Minister of Education in the former Labour government. Her mother was a President of Labour Women. She was involved in Young Labour and held the post of Assistant Secretary of the Labour Party for over seven years. Most recent accomplishments: Dear Constituent. ‘I wish you and Marcella became the second female Speaker of the National Assembly in December 2004, and resigned in April 2008 when asked to run for office. your family a healthy and productive Marcella received an Award from the Ministry of Gender Affairs in March 2008 for 2010. This is going to be a challeng- her sterling contribution to women, law, youth and the community. ing New Year for the people of St Marcella Believes That The Worst Things That Can Happen To Our Beloved Kitts and Nevis. Regardless of which St. Kitts And Nevis Are: political party you support, where 1. A PAM Government in power over the people of this country you live or where you work, this year is going to be important in determining 2. A further increase in serious crimes, which is likely to happen with how well we survive the Global Economic Recession and beyond. If we are PAM in power. to be successful as a nation and as a people, 2010 and how we deal with the Marcella Is Convinced That The Best Things That Can Happen To St. issues that face us will be the determining factor. Kitts And Nevis Are: 1. The LABOUR GOVERNMENT is returned to office with an even This is why the Labour Party is offering the country a balanced selection of larger majority. 2. A reduction in serious crime and an end to gang-warfare. seasoned candidates along with younger leaders who will be equipped for 3. An increase in the number of opportunities especially for young people. the next generation of political leadership in our country. No other party has 4. A rapid revival of our national culture and values. done that. Three out of the eight Labour candidates for this election, or al- 5. A drastic reduction in poverty and in the national debt. most half of the candidates, are new to representative politics and I am proud Marcella Says She Got Into Politics; to be one of them. However, I am not new to the people of St Kitts and Nevis 1. To help pave the way for women to become involved at the highest levels of and I am definitely not new to this Constituency. decision-making. 2. To help foster community spirit and togetherness. 3. To help promote family values such as respect and honesty. You know me. This constituency has known me for my entire life. You 4. To promote reduction of poverty and help those who are most vulnerable. were here when I left on a basketball scholarship and you were here when I returned with a Degree in Marketing. This is my community. I consider Marcella says about her expectations that “Any improvement in the quality of life and the outlook of the people will satisfy me and justify my involvement.” myself part of it. Now I simply want to be in a position to help you and my Marcella said the Community should judge her on the basis of, “Whether I have community. I want to be able to help in the process of uplifting our youth, been able to impact the lives of families and young people in a positive way.” dignifying our elderly and educating our children for life. Politics, for me, is about helping to contribute to the betterment of the citizens of the best coun- When asked how the Country should judge her, Marcella says, “Whether I was successful in achieving what I said I would achieve: try in the world, St Kitts and Nevis. - pay special attention to children particularly those where parental guidance is lacking. There are some things that I have already achieved or will be treating as - education centre – helping teen mothers, helping children with homework, dealing with anger and conflict resolution, home care training, helping priorities like helping some of our residents to get housing and to enhance youths with the written test for driver’s licence, parenting, dealing with obesity, their homes; obtaining land for homes and for farming; paving roads; and training in sports management (just some of the ideas) improving recreational facilities so more of our children will represent our - identifying problem youths at an earlier age eg. age 5 or 6 and work with parents country or have the opportunity (as I did) of obtaining scholarships. and the community to turn their lives around. - mobile police unit in the community to help fight crime - working with groups in the community (including sporting groups and the church) There is only one way to achieve all the benefits that you want for your- to help promote staying in school selves, your families, your friends and your Constituency. You need an - clean up the community particularly as regards abandoned lots and abandoned buildings effective representative in the Parliament who will be part of Government. - adjust legislation to enable the government to demolish abandoned buildings This is why I am asking you to vote for me. - continue housing and land distribution programs - create kids zones for the very young As a member of the Labour Government I will be in a position to help you - promote community festivals with much emphasis on sports and the arts - organize minor basketball league for boys ages 6-12 in the community. Coaches even more than I do now. I will be here for you, your children and your chil- to promote staying in school, values and discipline. Incentives to those who also do dren’s children. I am soft-spoken except when I speak on your behalf. I am well in school. of a quiet disposition, but not when I demand opportunities for the people of - identify problem youths at an early age eg. Age 5 or 6 and work with parents, church and the community to help to turn their lives around. this Constituency. I am reserved, but have no reservations about advocating - work with Cancer Association to bring greater awareness about a disease that is for benefits for the people of my Constituency. I am here for you. I will be affecting the lives of so many families here for you. - tackling obesity as a way to help cut health costs, save live and reduce diabetes, VOTE FOR ME, GLENN ‘GHOST’ PHILLIP ON ELECTION DAY heart problems, hypertension, stroke. Vote for Me, Marcella Liburd on election day. ~ Vote for Labour. Vote in the best interests of the People of Vote for the strengthening of Womens rights, and for our constituency and our glorious homeland, St Kitts and the support of youth, community and law. Nevis.
  4. 4. DID YOU KNOW THAT? • A recent Florida-Carib- bean Cruise Association report found significant growth in passenger and crew arrivals and spend- ing. According to the study, total estimated passenger and crew visits increased by nearly 250% from 113,300 visits dur- ing the 2005/2006 cruise year to 388,400 during the 2008/2009 cruise year. Total direct expenditures in St. Kitts increased even • In the past 5 years unemployment has fallen since that time from 16% to more dramatically growing by 550 % from US$6.7 million in the 2005/2006 6%. cruise year to US$44 million in the 2008/2009 cruise year. • The minimum wage in St. Kitts-Nevis is higher than any in the OECS - • As a result of the 250% increase in direct cruise tourism spending from and is one of the highest in CARICOM. the 2005/2006 cruise year for St. Kitts, the economic impacts increased as well. • Spending in St. Kitts-Nevis by cruise ship passengers is greater than Total employment in- creased by 268 % over the that in any other island state in the region. three-year period, while • At a time when major investment the wage impact increased by 295%. The higher projects are closing down throughout the region and around the world, invest- growth in wages is due to ment projects in St. Kitts & Nevis (e.g. increased labor productiv- Ocean’s Edge, Silver Reef, Christophe ity and average wages over Harbour, and Beaumont Park) continue the intervening period. forward, providing jobs, increasing in- comes, expanding spending power, and • The PAM Government injecting capital into our economy. built a total of 251 homes in St. Kitts between Feb. 1980 and June 1995 compared to the Labour Gov- Essential ernment’s total of 3,891 island wide between July 1995 and June 2009. goods and commodities, especially food staples that constitute most of the family and house- • In the third quarter of 2009, over hold needs, are affordable and still manageable EC$10 million was paid out in long because the Government has successfully con- term Social Security benefits and trolled the cost of some 40 food and non-food EC$2,250,000 in short term benefits. essential items. • British Airways is expected to bring • Agricultural production has increased by 10,000 passengers to St. Kitts’ Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport by more than 600% between 2001 and 2008. the end of the year and the numbers are • More than 500,000 cruise expected to increase in 2010. It will be the highest number of visitors a weekly ship passengers arrive here every year. airline service has ever brought to St. Kitts over a 12-month period. • Poverty plummeted from • Over one thousand, five hundred acres of agricultural and have been 11% in 2001 to 1.4% in 2008. specifically allocated for small farmers. • One thousand young people • More than 3,000 residential lots have already been handed over to benefitted from second-chance deserving families who paid less than EC$2,000 for title to their land. ~ job training. • A survey, published by the Depart- This newspaper courtesy the Friends of ment of Management Studies at the St. Kitts and Nevis Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI), found that in the OECS countries, St. Kitts and Nevis has the most optimistic investment outlook over the next 12 months. St. Kitts and Nevis and Barbados are the most optimistic about employment prospects over the next six months. • The redesigning of the berthing facility at Port Zante and the revetment of the bulkhead by the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Government not only saved Port Zante, but also secured the future of the cruise ship industry. • St. Kitts has experienced growth of triple digit figures in its tourism indus- try between 2005/2006 and 2008/2009.