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, Expanding hotel based tourism
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SKN Labour Party Manifesto in brief


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Manifesto of the St Kitts Nevis Labour Party as presented by the Insight Web of the Friends of St Kitts and Nevis

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SKN Labour Party Manifesto in brief

  1. 1. MANIFESTO FOR CHANGE 15 SHAPING -2 0 10 THE FUTURE 2 0 “ We Did Not Come To Fear The Future. We Came Here To Shape It.” “This has been a government of vision, a government of change. We, Labour, has recognized that as we tr ansform this country we must be receptive to change and it must be funda- mental, far reaching, creating even more positive changes in the economy, and in the society on a whole.”
  2. 2. BUILDING BLOCKS PRIME MINISTER DENZIL DOUGLAS FOR THE OFFERS HIS VISION FOR THE FEDERATION OF ST. KITTS AND NEVIS FUTURE HO ME OW NER , SHI More and more houses will be built under the program which will continue throughout P the next term. “I would like to see that every family in St.Kitts is properly housed. In every house- hold that there is at least one graduate. In every family there must be at least one person who is self employed. We will have greater control over crime and violence. Our young people will no longer be settling their differences with guns and knives and stones and bottles. “A massive housing development drive that has impacted almost every They would be able to come together and resolve those issues without any vio- household in St. Kitts and Nevis. Over 2500 families or about 10,000 people have benefitted. “ , Better health care for all – students and the elderly especially – with little demands for payment. , Crime prevention and control. Greater emphasis on community involvement and faith-based institu- tions. Better facilities, equipment and training for our police force. “We will continue to ensure that the police and the security forces are satisfied that they are on a new path of partnership with the community in bringing law and order and in pursuing there own responsibilities as preservers of the law in St.Kitts and Nevis.” “The “Youth and Empowerment through Skills Program” launched in February 2009 is allowing 1,000 mainly unemployed young people to learn new skills. There are now over 800 people actually engaged in that program. This is the foun- dation for the new economy that is evolving under the management of the Govern- ment. It is also helping to keep our youth out of the gangs and off the streets. “
  3. 3. , Expanding hotel based tourism Expanding cruise ship tourism , Increasing the skills and education base of the people of St Kitts and Nevis. The skills that our people need to drive the new economy must be acquired. Greater emphasis on Technical and Vocational Education. The alignment of our education system with the world of work. In-service “ education and certification for trades-people More airlines. Reliable, direct air More and more people will provide including builders, carpenters, masons and service into St. Kitts and Nevis must services to the tourism industry - more electricians. continue. Delta in December 2009 and taxi operators, tour operators, restaurant another British Airways direct flight out owners, crafts and vendors stalls. of Gatwick, London in March 2010. More and more of our own local people will own stakes in the tourism sector. , TOURISM BRINGS FOOD SECURITY AS WELL AS SELF EMPLOYMENT “We have seen tremendous benefits so far resident here. from the development of higher education We want to ensure that our own local services. We would want to make sure that our emphasis on education continues in a population is involved in the provision of housing for these students so that they can , TOURISM DEVELOPS ALL SECTORS significant way to stimulate the economy that including Information and Communications get a piece of the action. is in fact already stimulating the invest ments in property development. This new sector needs to be enhanced in every way and the government will con- We would want to make sure that more and tinue to provide the necessary incentives more of our local people are benefiting from that our own local people can build more the provision of residences and dormitory and more properties to accommodate our rooms for the students attending University visitors who are resident here as students.” here. If you look at the growth pattern expected for the Ross University, for the International University of Nursing and the University of Health and Sciences and Windsor University - We would have thousands of students from overseas
  4. 4. 10 Reasons To Vote and DR. DOUGLAS 1 • SMARTER Labour is higher on the learning curve than the Opposition. They have much more experience than the PAM leaders. Given the challenge of the global recession and its traumatic impact on big and small countries alike, we must retain the experienced leadership of Dr. Douglas and the Labour Party. 2 • EXPERIENCED Our current leader is the most senior Caribbean Prime Minister. He is highly respected by his peers and by all the international business and government leaders. A newcomer would not have the same range of contacts or be held in the same high regard in which Dr. Douglas is held. 3 • SUCCESSFUL With Labour, the future will be built on the successes of the present and the continuation of key programmes in agriculture, construction, education, health, housing, land distribution, service industries, self-employment and tourism; Including education tourism which the country now enjoys through the many universities now located here. 4 • FLEXIBLE Labour has shown that it embraces and caters for change. With almost half of our candidacy changed it means that Labour serves you and acts in your best interests. They are a judicious blend of achievers hand-picked for a specific role in shaping the future of our country. 5 • SAVVY A new team coming in would not know where to start and would take months before it can even start to deal with issues. Given the need to keep on top of world events, to assess the impact of changes in the economies of the big countries and their impact on the Federation, we must continue with an experienced group of leaders in place. 6 • PROGRESSIVE The Prime Minister and his team have put in place a platform for prog- ress. We cannot allow an unqualified and inexperienced group to come in to destroy that platform. The way politics works, if another party comes into power it will stop all the successful projects, programmes and policies that are in place for the benefit and improvement of the life chances of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis. This will be disastrous for the people and the economy. What we need most now is continuity. 7 • EQUITABLE Labour has a female candidate on its slate. Women should note that Labour is the only party to ensure their representation as a group. 8 • CARING Succession is the key to survival and ongoing success of St Kitts and Nevis. Dr. Douglas has stated unequivocally that the choice of his successor would be made in the new term. 9 • COMPETENT Leadership is the key to the present and future. Dr. Douglas and his team have demonstrated that they are competent to lead. The new candidates add depth to the team. There is no question that they are superior to their opponents. There is absolutely no doubt that Labour has the better team. 10 • DESERVING It is well and truly said, ‘LET THOSE WHO LABOUR HOLD THE REINS’. It is vital that the people representing labour in this country continue to be in charge, not only for the present but for the benefit of future generations to come. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION VISIT THE INSIGHT WEBSITE